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  1. That worked brilliantly, thank you.
  2. Yes, the launcher with the play button on the bottom left.
  3. If anyone can offer some advice, I'd love to hear it. I am unable to click the Play button (or any link for that matter) on the DD2 splash screen through steam. Things I've tried: Completely reloading Windows. Running the "Verify Game Cache" multiple times Uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times. Windows 7, current Java and .NET framework. Not going to post my specs, they aren't important, the game was running fine until this new monthly patch. Any solutions would be great, especially from Trendy.
  4. This passive will persist in the same location once you combat swap a squire who is equipped with the sword. Not sure if this goes from wave to wave, but it definitely happens. I recreated this bug on the Harbinger map, had a squire with the sword and passive going, swapped out to my huntress, ran away from the area (mob spawn point) and continue to rake in "Provoke's" towards my monthly mission.
  5. FYI, the "Annoyance" passive from the new unholy sword persists in the location you combat swap a squire with the sword equipped.
  6. How is this even possible when not one, but both pets were available in their golden legendary versions at the carnival? Why on earth would you stupidly pay $70 for a pet? I would say I feel sorry for you, but I don't. As far as I'm aware, the Carnival isn't around anymore? And I came at the end of it. Also meh at them being gold. The carnival left 9 days ago, so if you're telling me you spent $70 bucks worth of gems in 9 days on a chance at a legendary pet, I have even less sympathy for you. $16 bucks would have gotten you 6 golden legendary pets, 2 of which you were looking for.
  7. If nothing else, Bearicade Stance, similar to Turtle stance in DD1.
  8. How is this even possible when not one, but both pets were available in their golden legendary versions at the carnival? Why on earth would you stupidly pay $70 for a pet? I would say I feel sorry for you, but I don't.
  9. DDE rewards? You mean the 600 gems you got for owning DD1 or DDE? How is this obtained exactly?
  10. Running onslaught for pet levels is about as fast as running regular maps, especially when you factor in the dreaded horde waves. Run Campaign Easy Harbinger, much faster.
  11. Edited your quote to have numbers so its easier to respond to. 1) I'm just a random nobody who has nothing else to do and need your opinion on this matter that has been troubling me since the update hit. 2) I have an opinion I need others to confirm or deny because I'm apparently not getting the bigger picture according to you. That is what I have decided to do and I've already thought over it 5 times after the update. 3) Paying is put yourself ahead? I swore I read somewhere Trendy said they would not make unfair advantages between people who buy and don't buy stuff. Anyways that is 'your opinion' of what paying for stuff should be like. I said make comparisons between F2P and people who bought slots. 4) I know that paid feature is a nice thing but is F2P able to do the same for all heroes? 5) F2P get 4 base slots. Abyss lord gets his own slot once you get him. 6) Abyss lord comes with his own slot so people are not really going to be giving up one of their heroes. I either did not understand that statement and am wrong or you lacked information. 7) Apparently that wasn't enough for them because they've been doing that for awhile now. People like me are bad business for them. TL;DR = You didn't even consider the differences and just supported the idea of "payment should result in unfair benefits" I'll start off with: I'm no fanboi of Trendy. Their idiocy with Ark is just sad. I'm also no fanboi for DD2. It's been a rocky road to where we are, and the road ahead is still as rocky. 1) I wasn't intentionally being aggressive. Just wasn't exactly sure why you needed persuading of anything. 2) Alrighty. 3) Paying is always putting yourself ahead in some fashion or another. Sometimes literally. Ever heard of 'skin wars' in games? People without skins (or decent skins) lose. I'm actually poor IRL, so paying for things is painful. That said, I saved to get DD2 when they put a price on it pre-steam. I've been let down a fair few times with it, but it seems to have finally picked it's ass up off the ground and tried to do something. That said, all I had to work with was the gems I got back then. Of which there are few left. 4) Nope. 5) Gotcha. I always had 6 from when I got the game, so that's a thing. 6) 7 now thanks to AL. I didn't realise unlocking the Abyss Lord with medals gave a slot =O 7) In DD1 it at least made some sense, and the heroes were really cheap. $2-3 for a new hero? That isn't really as bad as people made it out to be. Now it's what? USD $15-20? TLDR answer = As much as I dislike how Trendy do things, they have to make money somehow. They've gone with a more 'traditional' F2P style. I don't like it, I don't agree with it, but I do somewhat understand it. Now, apparently they'll be tying more things to defender medals. Why they didn't do this now, I don't know. It's a bit of an ass move, but we'll see. Seriously man, you started off bad, then got worse. Their idiocy with Ark? You mean the firm that owns them has an issue with Jeremy who is under contractual obligations, when Jeremy intentionally tried to poach members from Trendy to help develop Ark? Yeah, sounds like idiocy on Trendy's part. Oh, did you forget that Jeremy was the pilot behind the long road to get here? His rampant sexist hiring schemes and, his aim make this game more like League of Legends instead of building on the highly successful model of DD1? Yeah. You really need to read the patch notes, as it's been said before, earning the AL comes with a hero slot. So it's definitely not pay to win. You just have to wait, play the game, then earn the rewards as opposed to buying it outright. I for one, have no issue supporting Trendy for a game that has great promise and, that I have faith that they will live up to.
  12. Yes, the AL will probably feel really strong until they finish the revamp. All in all, I love the AL. Ramster + LA's (with drench) are such an awesome combo, and if you have the archer passive to add into it, it's a lot of fun. The AL as the active hero has brought back a bit of fun to the game that has been missing. Once they release some new maps, and finish the revamp, this game will get quite interesting with some crazy new ideas and tower combos.
  13. Well, that sucks. I will say that I noticed it instantly upon going to the upgrade UI. It sucks to make mistakes like this, but it happens. Pay closer attention. 4 NM4 maps gets you back what you lost. 4 extra maps, that is.
  14. This problem still persists with Abyss Lord Spheres.
  15. If I recall correctly, this is not the first time Jeremy has fallen into disrepute. He was spotlighted for gender discriminatory hiring and pay, and now he's trying to poach former employees and breaching contracts? I have absolutely no sympathy for the guy, and TE should absolutely file suits against him.
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