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  1. I kinda find this feature helpful, I rarely change difficulties so it's faster for me to run up and hit e. I personally like it once I figured out that's how it worked.
  2. Just did a run and had to stop with both kraken at 1/2 health because it took too long to kill the ancient dragon with the harpoons but our defenses held up very well until our repairer and rest of team wiped, leaving me to fend for myself. Anywho, here is the general team distribution: 4 players: 3 dedicated damage 1 repair or repair/dmg hybrid (Any of these four must build before the first boss spawns.) I will update the build when I have the chance to but the idea behind it is you fortify yourself in the center circle. The entire circle is enclosed by an ensare, electric and streng
  3. Patch Notes: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58073 Keep it here and keep it civil, please. If you have suggestions that are not related to the upcoming patch, make a thread about it here. If you have problems after downloading the ~2.4GB patch make sure to try verifying your cache. 1: Open your steam library 2: Right click Dungeon Defenders (http://i.imgur.com/UyPCa.jpg) 3: Click properties (http://i.imgur.com/JvLz2.jpg) 4: Click local files (http://i.imgur.com/TO5wC.png) 5: Click verify integrity of game cache (http://i.imgur.com/IZDGD.png) ------------ The
  4. Ugh. Unlucky. Hope it hasn't damaged more than your DD career. i am typing this with my non-dominant left hand. haha thank you zingfharn
  5. broke my wrist. i will not be on dd for a while
  6. NICE!! THanks for your pics and stats guys!
  7. Seen that this one doesn't have a name on the first page. Ah, thank you for the name! You missed the armguards I posted middle of page 8. I will update it again later, thanks for pointing this out, I thought the skin for the armguards you posted was already in the thread.
  8. Thread is updated with user pictures. Will be adding [rare] tags soon, 8 left till we got them all!
  9. Lookin' sweet great info, I'm noticing various rare Accessories not yet on the list however :) -Jer I am aware Jeremy, I am busy programming and so work > forum post sadly. I will though!
  10. How rare is the Vine-Wrapped Bauble? I have not seen it from any other player thus far so, I'd say its rare
  11. NICE FINDS! I will update this into next week. Thanks so much guys/girls!
  12. Also, I think fancy mask and theatrical mask are the same model. Yes thank you, they were. It's fixed now.
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