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  1. 6€/$/£ ain't so bad.. At least there shouldn't be hackers in game anymore. And a lot completely reworked improvements. Take it as one more DLC (which couldn't anyhow be implemented in main game, because so much was done from scratch) :P
  2. So, how many noticed? :) Who are those guys? :skeleton:
  3. I played game for almost 800h. "Quitted" few months back. Had gear statted aprox 3k all stats needed for all chars, some even over. I made public game and gave all my gear to someone random. Anyway, now im back with fresh pack of toons, started from 0 and I'm having blast fun time :D My main char is level 50 something and i'm trying how hard it really is nowadays to break into nightmare. I'm not going to buy anything, just get everything myself. I clearly can notice that my before practise with game wasn't for nothing, i started playing insane maps (first ones) little over level 20 :squi
  4. That's also the impression I got from reading the posts by trendy, and people who are already end game keep ****ing *****ing about this **** when it really doesn't even pertain to them at this ****ing point considering they're already where they need to be. I think I need to take a break from reading the forums... Oh I also would LOVE to point out how this isn't supposed to be ANOTHER brick wall. It's sad that they admit that there is already currently a brick wall(s) in the game. What do they do? Make another one. Ever hear the saying "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." Well that would app
  5. I would give code to my little sister who has missed this great game and she can apreciate game like this. She's pretty new to pc gaming so I could have someone to teach everything I know and keep myself in game too (I think I play anyway BUT.. :D ), could show her what really is that game that she sees me playing every time she logs into steam.
  6. First layout I share here. My own stats are pretty much between 2k and 3k all builders, nearly afkable for me. Got good feedback from lowerstatted friend who took pics from my layout ingame and tried it himself so I decided to share this here. Mistymire survival Feel free to ask if have any questions!
  7. Once again today I played public game, as host, played what others wanted. I had the strangest moment and I feel like scumbag cause it :D First I tell that I've had few public games where someone joins and SELLS everything.. (?!?!?) But I still play publics. Cause it's most fun in DD :P Anyway, today I started public game and by wishes of co-players we started Sky city nm. I builded and others did their job and one player quitted suddenly. New player joins with "funny" name and I'm off building stuff alone and one of players in my game started shouting "KICK xxxx!!!!!". Well I did kick him asa
  8. Ya it was nice strutting my stuff being apart of the .2% of people who earned the achievement. I got mine when they fixed the aggro problem. But now it will be like any other achievement that anyone can get. Thats true! Just looked at your accomplishments and we are at same point. Just need to clear crystal dimension. I dont dare to play it yet cause it gets nerffed soon that even more newer players can make it one day. I have aprox 600h playtime by now. Crystal dimension is kind of my new sky o'love atm <3
  9. It was easy once they had the mobs actually aggro to your characters... there is no reason to honestly do this but to give the slackers a chance to get Ultimate Defender. +1 , just before shards 4 release i swetted my butt playing this with 1 friend and 2 randoms :P 2,5h.. Was very happy once got it thru. But did it! Pic of frustrating moments
  10. This happened to me in aquanos while fighting Kraken *_* Twice in a row *_* Half hp down from boss *_* Of course nm hc *_*
  11. I've tried to play Aquanos nmhc. Ive builded it two times and got to boss. I can and know how to kill it but glitches prevent my triumph. I have two summoners with me repairing / summoning and i play as dps countess. I block and let my pet do much damage. TWICE i got glitced flying on floor never landing and get killed. Didnt happen before. Another bug we saw, first my friend was host, two last enemies of wave, djinn and sharken left, I saw them running towards wall and couldn't hit em. Host sees them in right place, stunned by gas trap. After that I and boss glitch I hosted so we could do
  12. Just wanted to share this to you all. Scary moments at 2am Ogre got thru walls when there was about 10 pairs left. :ogre: That's all, next scary moment anyone?
  13. I "cracked" my game with misty campaign when I was at that point. Sometimes you find good myth there and mana is decent too. After you beat boss start survival there, it's easiest of shards maps. Also Misty is good exp at same time ;) Boss is very easy if you build it so atleast 2 buffed harpoons shoot at boss who is in ensnare, strdrain, elec and healing aura. I recommend going for misty!
  14. It is good to ask from vendor if he/she aint afk for certain piece you might need. I personally keep best stuff in inventory and look if someone asks for piece they might need. I have accuired some better gear that way myself.
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