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  1. Ultimate E swords got fix on last patch 7.41b so it upgrades by 304 like the other qualities instead of the 213 it was upgrading by before, not sure if the other weapons were fix though. no it doesn't, just checked mine and it still goes 213... (its not upped)
  2. people need to forget the first times they played the king's map, it was bugged and ogres didn't have almost any hp etc. it was easier than any map by far, now they just adjusted it to the normal difficulty as the otehr dlc maps so everyone who played the previous king's game without the patch will think it's too hard
  3. if you want to keep it just store it in your item box without upgrading it. cube isn't a good dps pet to use, it's more a collectible item.
  4. what do you mean even greater? we just did 2 runs wave 30 nmhc mm me and a friend with 2 afk's and the 16 rewards total were all awful.
  5. same thing happened with me today but on wave 9 or 10... played yesterday 2 runs and it was fine.
  6. the new mana token system was an excelent idea, but it just killed the game's economy because of the mana hackers. that's just my opinion
  7. aquanos isn't a map for very good loot. aquanos is just a good map to do solo/duo and because it's faster than the better ones loot wise (karathiki with 6 , moraggo) not sure about the talay as i haven't farmed in it yet
  8. definitely not, if this game was hosted in trendy's servers not allowing hacked gear i would have no problem with it whatsoever but in this case, it would be a disaster.
  9. Please be sure to read the thread before joining the discussion. im sorry but he doesnt say that the situation was caused by valve, he says situation is being looked into and that might have been cause by an improper release from valve. as you may know the last time this happened in the other patches it wasn't because of valve and the exact same thing happen. anyway looks like the 2nd patch might already released the problem so it doesn't matter anymore.
  10. seriously guys, you really have to start testing your patches, it happened in the last ones and now you are 2 weeks without updates and the same happens again...
  11. i agree, it's time for you guys to add more space on the item box and the shop
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