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  1. Hope this isn't a necro the easiest way I find is equip your monk/hunter with gear that has negative range to bring tower range to 0 and built the auras /gas traps were you want them then after the first wave equip them with thier normal gear using this method i get to use the full 105/105 I say this because some times there is an issue with buff beams making them to big for the jester to put them were you want and other times there is issues with trying to place them do to the environment an added bonus to this is you can build them much closer together and closer to
  2. Seems like every other jester is the game has one lol must have been a very popular event wink wink very smart of you to want a trace
  3. donkeys in Moraggo Desert Town sea horse and snails in Aquanos shroomys in Mistymire Forest helicopter cats in Sky City they fill you item box up with godly junk even on nmhc really wish they would fix the rewards or remove them completely
  4. it will perform like a real one and you cant even say its not a real one for sure their is no way he can get one on his own he will always have to take some ones word for it being "real" so this one is as real as any he will ever get or could get even traces can be faked egg and event items are just a black mark on this game
  5. you wont get banned all event items are the same so as long as the stats are right keep it
  6. yah more bs event items that players who get this game after the even or are busy at the time of the event cant earn them self lol lets hope they have stupid stats and lower than normal level requirements like the other event items and not just a special color or other cosmetic only effect it nice to see you have learned nothing
  7. Im not going to argue the point with you simple deleting impossible scores is not hard and requires no investigation and even if you delete 1 glitched score (I have had impossible glitched scores where waves have never ended) you make 1-8 players mad (maybe) instead of thousands looking at that score leaving them nothing to strive for as they can never be a top player and showing them just how inept the policing of this game is as they stare at these scores for months with out any thing being done you may say that dd2 is pulling you away but even when dd1 was your main game(only?) it was
  8. does he not have the game thier scores and names are right there He does but I doubt he is tasked to check them every minute of every day. So I just suggest sending the report to expedite the process is all. every minute of every day? its a score board the top scores are there forever he cant spare or have someone in the entire company take 5 minutes and check them once a day,once a week,or even once a month? it could even be automated they know what the maximum legit score is and with scores in the hundreds of millions its obvious what score is wrong you can argue a high score
  9. they cant prove if they are clones or not unless some one messed with the stats they are undetectable
  10. does he not have the game thier scores and names are right there
  11. I agree but in 1 day i believe it would just be all hacks again
  12. wrong forum you want dd2 this is dde
  13. one map will not fix the game if the gear is to strong it will become the new lab run if the gear is to weak it will become another map that is not worth playing let the best loot have a chance of dropping on every map give us the freedom to play and still be rewarded on the map we want to play its alway funny when some players say that gear is to good or the map is to easy but that is nothing more than words their actions and the actions of the community are a better example of what the players really want if players didnt want to keep get stronger they would not be checking the b
  14. unless they are balancing every map in this game you will always be farming 1 map same as it is now have great gear rain every where or no where at all being forced to farm one map for a type of gear is just boring I would prefer being able to farm any map i wanted and still have a chance of getting a best item maybe not an equal chance but at least a chance by the time you have reached end game you have done it all anyway or very shortly will have give us the freedom to play what we want maps we actually like and still get what we want being forced to play a map you are sick of or jus
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