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  1. Great event! Thanks Mae. I don't think the event was too easy. A lot of people participate who don't have the best gear or the highest levels. You're welcome! :)
  2. Both for 83 Thx Mae for being a great event host hope to see you again sometime Thank you for for being a great participant! See You Soon!! ^_^
  3. hey can anyone run me through the event if available i just got home and my host was Ma3Ma3_Ad0bo sent him a message if anyone can thank you Sending an invite now. Edit:// Ascope; wrote on the host's notes about your day change. Romansito; We will look into it. Aaron; The hosts send the invite.
  4. I think i had the most fun when me and my sister were just playing as our new characters and just building the most random things and laughing about it in the process. We may have failed a couple of times but we had bunch of laughs out of it :) So in my opinion it would be better to just make a new account and play with them there :)
  5. U can tell from my name Just making sure. Ch1nagurl, it maybe because your region cannot pair with U.S. //edit. Let me confirm with the other hosts.
  6. No....can u help me and my husband? He got three invite but all failed Hi Ch1nagurl. Where are you from by the way? If you don't mind me asking.
  7. i signed up for whenever for this event. according to sign up sheet i am number 182. still haven't got an invite and dont know my hosts name yet. PSN Dragonphyer where do we find out who our hosts is Your are on rveetis' list and i'll see what i can do for you
  8. Im only bugged because, i dont even know my hosts' name yet.. havent recieved anything, its confusing I don't see you on the list SinfulLegacy.... what time did you sign up for the events?
  9. First off I am so happy I got invited even though I signed up on a Friday... (My sister said 24 was a Friday.. I wanted to edit my google post but I can't) Secondly, thank you rveetis for being a great host!! and my group! We did not get to the dragon but it was a lot of fun :squire: ...But next time RV, please, don't be that girl. xD
  10. The events are back! The events are back!!!
  11. Sorry Hitmon, I was trying to make a video but didn't have enough time to finish before deadline :(
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