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  1. Admittedly the guy had a diamond on every builder as well, but now that I'm thinking about it... I'm guessing he bought those cheap and hacked those as well. Anyway, this is item checking, not idle chatting, pardon the disruption and thanks for the checking.
  2. Some guy boasting like mad about this gear, I'm quite sure it's hacked, seeing he has 8 more similar sets of these.
  3. First time posting here because I need to know if this was worth the cubes. Thank you~ Edit: I should probably mention it's Ult++
  4. Alright, the skeletons are also not affected by aura's either. I'm giving up and restarting. I was hoping to have a quick answer, but alas. :D ...which is what I would've said if I wasn't just kicked out due to lost connection.
  5. Hey, I'm currently in a private match where I'm at the end of the 19th wave on Nightmare Hardcore MixedMode Survival. And I'm currently having a problem with 3 attacking skeletons that are seemingly invincible. I noticed them about halfway through the wave, seeing I kept repairing that wall. My towers (harpoons) won't attack them. They don't disappear out of themselves (cause of being stuck) and they don't get damaged when I shoot them. Here's a screenshot, although it's not very effective, seeing you can't see me shooting them on there. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5181268/skeletons.png
  6. I can confirm this.... seeing I'm in this exact match right now. :|
  7. If the item cap removal system is true, then why do I see Mythical items worth over 6M disappear from right in front of me as I'm checking the stats, and have items worth of 63 there at the end of a wave from over 3K mobs?
  8. This happens already? I had Trans boots drop yesterday on Misty in the first 50 of a 1000 mob wave that were there to the end, yet lots of worse items disappeared. At the end of the wave there were only myths on the ground (all blue dots) Uh no, I've had round where in the start I saw Trans items drop several times, having the dots on the minimap, collecting like 3 of them before the rest disappeared. The better items do not stay on the map, only the newer ones. Either way, "This happens already?", I think you misunderstood my point. He wants only things that are in his 'important-fliter' t
  9. I think he means, just like the latest patch with the eggs not getting deleted, that certain things stay on the map. And that less important things get removed. Inevitably wanting a match where only the most valuable, or perhaps only armor, only weapons, only certain kinds of items drop. I think it's a nice idea, but Trendy would most likely never implement it. It would mean you end up with only the best loot of one round, without doing any effort. Inevitably, you could just use the Huntress and her stealth ability to go through the battlefield to collect things, just look out for the jumpy
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