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  1. I agree 100%. Me and my friends were joking about how there's only like one song in the whole game, but it doesn't feel like we were very far from the truth. I have had to just disable it for now because I was getting so sick of hearing it over and over. Personally I'm greedy and want a unique song for each map but I don't know how realistic of a demand that is.
  2. As someone who loved DD1 and tries to enjoy DD2 one of the main things for me is the matchmaking system. I don't always have friends to play with so instead of go into a lobby with a bunch of afk people or fully endgame geared players I have to just play alone. Even if I was slightly bored of the game itself I'd still enjoy joining random games and just chatting and meeting other players and seeing how they were deciding to set up and such, so I'm really missing that with this game. There is an odd emptiness to this game that makes me feel very alone and that isn't good.
  3. Seems a bit unprofessional to me that they wouldn't have this already done before the Holidays. I know it's only been 5 days but monthly is monthly.
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering what people are doing on their tower apprentices in terms of stats? Previously I was stacking power and speed but it seems speed has been nerfed. Currently my apprentice is level 23 with iPWR 53, 663 power, 232 health, 262 speed, 0.06 crit chance and 423.5 crit dmg. It doesn't seem terribly good right now but I don't really have any direction besides spamming power.
  5. How does this work? Is the only way to unlock the beard on this new costume to pay more gems, even though it says Gold? I'm a bit confused. It doesn't seem right that we pay gems for a costume and then have to pay more gems to get all parts of the costume.
  6. The best bet seems to be Karathiki Jungle survival (extremely high drop rate) however it is insanely difficult neigh impossible because of the wyverns somehow evading all defenses no matter what you do. Halloween Spooktacular drops them aswell but I had a hard time finding quality ones there, most of the decently sized ones were epic, legendary or powerful etc. Havnt had much luck finding good ones on Misty either since the drop rate seems so low compared to other weapons. Cant speak for Moraggo as I havnt done that one much.
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