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  1. Lol, just goes to show you how long it's been since I've played. I got one of my characters to 83 and pretty much stopped there. :P
  2. I stopped playing DunDef a couple of months ago. The community (the online one, not the forums) was beginning to be plagued with idiots to the point where it was just frustrating. It seemed like 9/10 people were kicking people from lobbies for no reason. The duping got to be EXTREMELY ridiculous. Some of the more loyal and respectful people stopped playing when official events were dropped. As far as the game itself, the drops after this last patch seem worse, overall, compared to pre-patch. Sure, you may have the occasional super-high upgrade weapon drop, but my experience is that that's h
  3. I played insane+ on deeper wells it was simple. So I skip to ramparts and I get my butt kicked so hard. The insane build doesn't work for me. They are pretty strong. Yeah, I started with Glitter and my build survived to wave 8. I figured "Ok, I'll try Ramparts." Didn't make it past the first wave. :( Insane builds will definitely need some tweaking for Insane+.
  4. Well, I know I've been having issues with signing into PSN these last few days. I can't seem to log in most of the time.
  5. It's not just DLC maps. I get kicked out of Taverns or on Glitterhelm. The kicking will never end, and a lot of the time, there isn't even a legit reason for it.
  6. @Abomination - Si quieres, invame y yo te ayudo. You might be able to fix this by building your defenses in a different order. Here's what I do (I'm not saying it will work for you because so many things could be different). Before Wave 1: Use a tower squire, go to the north and build 2 bouncers and 2 harpoons @ the spawn. Build one harpoon @ the north crystal. Go to the east, build one slicer and one harpoon there. Go down the stairs toward the crystal from the east and build a spike blockade to stop randoms from going up the stairs. Build 2 spikes and a harpoon at the bottom of th
  7. what is ur PSN? i'm gonna invite u and help u get goof stuff, i also gonna help u doing some glitterhelm insane runs :) He said he's italian, so I'm assuming he has a EU version. Can you even play with him?
  8. CST is -5:00 during our Daylight Savings Time. During the other months, it reverts to -6:00 GMT, I believe.
  9. War of the Djinn is a challenge on the Morrago map, and yeah, if you get a good Shai Hulud it'll vastly improve your DPS. Alternatively, an easier-to-acquire gun with reasonably good splash damage would be a Crystal Tracker (Warping Core challenge on Insane). It's not as good as the Shai, but still a decent pre-patch gun. My experience has been that to clear Gliter on Insane, you almost certainly need an aura monk in addition to your squire. Otherwise, the Ogres will overcome your towers because there are just too many on the map at one time for one person to take them all out quickly. So,
  10. The highest upgrade giraffes I've gotten have been on Easy/Medium. You get the occasional one with a negative stat here and there, but getting an 80^ giraffe for a really really simple EASY difficulty run is pretty sweet.
  11. What's with the one-star thread rating? I see it very often. Do people have nothing better to do? :-/
  12. Man, some people are just really lucky, I guess. Nice first Shai. My first was a 68^ Shai.
  13. Always check carefully before pressing that "X" button, friend. ;)
  14. Here's a start... Always hold "L2". I would recommend doing it on medium until you get used to the map & lamps. I'm assuming you mean L1, referring to the minimap?
  15. I actually had someone join my lobby once, or I joined theirs, I can't remember. We played a few maps and he sent me a FR, which I accepted. One day, I see he had an open lobby so I joined him. He kicks me immediately, so I deleted him immediately; I can't be bothered with idiots like that. For the few seconds I was in there, I could here others in the lobby saying stuff like "look at this n00b" and things like that. It's a shame the community, as a whole, is so terrible for DD. There are some swell players, but they're far and few between. What's even worse, he's not the first person to do th
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