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  1. Came back to see if several patches would solve it, joined a sky city group. And could barely move. I got about 3 fps. On my imac i7. Lets face it, it will never work on a mac.
  2. I think posting what type of graphics card you have might help. Are you saying this fixes it for you, or are you talking about in my case? If you are talking about me, I'm not saying it's a solution, an said so to the support person. He agreed it was just a work-around, and I do plan to start complaining if they don't actually fix this. I agree, but unless you think this problem is related, I think making a different thread might help. Also, don't forget to verify your data files, and try turning UP the graphics. Yes, sometimes DD actually runs faster with the settings higher.
  3. I stopped playing after the latest patch. I'm on a i7 imac with 16GB ram and a 1gig vid card. The game is even slow in menus. Been playing D3 and its so refreshing to see frame rates in the hundreds again and to actually see the mouse respond as it should. Also playing without sound, thats not a solution. As it has been stated, its supported on mac, it should be playable!
  4. Not sure where to post this. The game is almost unplayable on my 2012 i7 imac. good thing for me, i also have a ps3 sitting here doing nothing. Do i need to buy the game again for ps3? I saw it in the psn store. I'm downloading the demo now.
  5. if you want to find flaws, you will find them. I think what you are trying to do, is justify your leave of absence. Not only that, but you are also writing your headline in 3rd person, as if you where some great superstar. "What things do you guys want to see fixed? I am sure I missed some.", you imply that there are many other flaws that holds the game back, and you want others to jump on the hate-wagon. More truer words have not been spoken.
  6. Welcome to my world. The world of DD on a Mac. i7 16Gig and ever since the start of the game, its lagging really bad. Since the latest ist not playable. Good thing DIII just came out. A real shame. I liked the game.
  7. I had (have) the same problem. That after you reach 71+ you got not good enough gear to get to better content that drops the gear you actually need. What i did is, ran ramparts on insane HC until i got 74, bought some starter myths with the mana from running ramparts. And then with the starter myth you can run the first campaign maps on NM. Those occasionally drop a myth. Then try to do ES NM and try to survive the first wave , second wave chests usually contain myths also. And don't forget to shop, you sometimes find decent myths for a fair price. Also make a set (plate, chain) for th
  8. i'm on a mac :) Very kind of you to offer some assistance. Its a bit frustrating not to progress or have a clear path to progress to. I don't mind grinding or learning, but first i have to know what. I will add you. I'm getting married this Saturday, so i might not be online for the coming week. But after that if you still want to then i would not mind seeing your build in action.
  9. I'm about 1000/1000/600/800 now. Just tried misty insane. The queen just pushed all my turrets away and tore me a new one. I get no upgrades from ES NM HC. I did survival insane HC until the 25th wave (got a crappy zebra for it). So tell me where to get upgrades? Or a place i can get upgrades with my stats.
  10. I have a 76 tower squire 845/555/375/553 in towers. The only NM i can do fully is Magus Qurater, the rest i usually fail in the final wave. NM survival just tears trough my defenses. Where should i go with this stats and have a change to get better gear so i can do higher stuf. Or are my builds crap. Is there someone with a good squire build for ES? I have a monk to use if needed. Getting a bit frustrated with getting no where. Oh and teaming up, there are almost no NM games public and the ones that are are not very friendly (join and kick). Some advice please.
  11. Didn't you just got the bunny suit instead? When you get 24 it automaticly takes them and gives you the suit.
  12. I'm very aware that performance issues are not easy to solve. That is why i offer to help. Hearing that a possible is underway is music to my ears. If you need someone to test it feel free to contact me.
  13. I figure we better make an acronym because we will use it allot. I have a i7 16GB ram, the works. Allas its an imac (allas for DD, because all my other programs run like the wind). DD works, it plays, but the mouse feels like i have to drag it trough tons of mud. Its very very sluggish, even in the menu. Anything after the initial waves slows the system to a halt, i mean not beeing able to upgrade/repair, get killed on HC because you run in the lava. Now don't tell me to install bootcamp or run windows. I won't i switched years ago and never want to go back. And DD is official ou
  14. My imac i7 runs like a 486, so i also want to know what your secret is? Do you play NM? Postprocessing on?
  15. If there is anyone that wants to farm some insane or harder. dayvidvp is my steam account. Just made 74 and mythical.
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