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  1. Buff Beam can buff by frostbite frosty power, destructive pylon, and radiant critical power. Max upgrade is more 20% stats. Buff beam take 10% defend power and crit stats. It cost 60 mana for two nodes. Dev should buff "buff beam" 30 to 10 mana or take 10% to 30% stats.
  2. my idea: add "onslaught+" mode. When first time reset, it unlock onslaught+ mode and floor up to your highest floor. 1-60 floors will only one map per floor. 60+ will have 2 maps per floor.
  3. Utility ancient builder: tower build time decreased by 5% and small dot 5% Blue 1: increases 100 green mana in start match and decrease green mana cost by 10% Blue 2: ? (I can't think last idea) ancient respawn: hero respawn time is reduced by 10% and small dot 5% Blue 3: when player respawn, it give 100% speed moving and increase hero damage and ability power by 250% for 10 seconds Blue 4: when player killed, drop green big shroom. It give heal player and tower by 10% player's max hp per seconds for 10 seconds Blue "7" (new Ancient core): increase 50% all core's HP Blue 5 (Core Power Ga
  4. Defense Green box ancient fortification: fortification increased by 10% and small dot 5% green 1: when tower destroy, global tower heals for 100% of its max health and increases 250% damage for 5 seconds. cooldown of 60 seconds green 2: when 5(6) tier tower destroy, it will respawn with 1(2) tier. ancient destruction: destruction increased by 10% and small dot 5% green 3(ancient defensive critical) : defensive critical increased by 10% and max critical chance increased by 4% (33% to 37%) normal 10%+ crit chance asc 20%+ shard 10%+ hype boot shard 3%= 43% green 4(ancient one in all): increa
  5. Player Red box ancient heroic power: heroic power increase by 10% and small dot 5% red 1(ancient hero crit): Hero crit stat and chance increase by 10% (max 40% chance to 50%, max 80% from 4 players with ancient hero crit) red 2: increase pet's hero and builder stat by 1000% and pet's cooldown time decreased by 20% ancient ability power: ability power increase by 10% and small dot 5% red 3: increase 250 ability resource and decreased your ability resource cost by 20% red 4: increases your ability power by 50% but increase your ability resource cost by 100% ancient health: health increase by
  6. Purple D(debuff enemy): reduce enemy's Health by 2%, reduce enemy's damage by 1%, and slowing by 1% per a point, and Max/5 points add enemy take more 25% long time by debuff(stun, poison, dragolich, and more)
  7. Upload better: D and E box will be debuff enemy. reduce enemy's Health or damage by 10%(team stack). Orange one point per every 5th ancient. 20 or 25th will unlock D and E. Edit: How points work is? Red box is (offense or player), green(defense), and blue(utility).When you reset first time, you will get 25% gold, XP bonus, and one point. You can put one point on 9 ancient powers box (3 red,3 green,3 blue). For example, ancient destruction icon(start box) will have great reward bonus. 2nd point on green dot will give 5% destruction stats. 3rd point you can choose green dot again or green "3"
  8. ancient builder is not good and no one want use point on it. I change new reward ancient. Looking next post and 2nd pic 1st:increase 25% all core's HP (team stack) 2nd:tower build time decreased by 5% (team stack) 3rd:when use repair and upgrade during combat phase, it take decrease all damages by 10% AND it cost reduce 10% green mana (team stack) 4th:tower build time decreased by 5% (team stack) 5th:unlock upgrade 6 tier upgrade(not team stack) AND when 4 player have it in game, then increase triple all core's HP For example: core 1000 HP without any: 1250 and one player with 1st point: 2000
  9. I had idea about ancient power bonus debuff enemy from unlock 5 points. ancient ability power: enemy take more damage from magic2.5% or 3% ancient heroic power: enemy take more damage from physical2.5% or 3% ancient health: reduce enemy's Health2.5% or 3% ancient resistance: reduce enemy's damage2.5% or 3% ancient life steal: reduce all enemy heal 5% (useful for leech lane) ancient fortification: reduce special enemy's health 2.5% ancient destruction: reduce special enemy's damage 2.5% ancient strikes: reduce all enemy's range 2.5% ancient builder: debuff make enemy more slowing 2.5%
  10. Still crickets.... maybe Trendy doesn’t want people to know what the exploits are.... O.o I know one bug. I found bug in first place. This patch did fix it. Two stuffs was (knifegun)OP. Oh what I done?
  11. Thank you for good info to me. I added shards for zapper. https://dd2tools.com/hero/heavy-nuke-monk-boss-hero-powerhero-wave/
  12. same happen Heroic Power shard
  13. C7 max base Green relic: 1st 13968 2nd 5820 I have C7 20k stats mythic 60 upgrade. I don't know it was max upgrade or almost.
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