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  1. Sharken certainly make things... difficult. But not unplayable! I do agree, however, that maybe their push range et cetera should be scaled back a bit - first survival I did had my towers pushed through solid walls. I wonder what happens if you Joust them? Oh aaaaand to the guy above you don't need to do all the leveling again if you already have a Ranger, just respec and get new gears. Still a fair amount of work, but beats leveling all the way from 0 and getting new gears at the same time.
  2. Placing traps that close to spawn is still bad! Think about it: every enemy that spawns gets 10 free seconds wailing on your defences before you can kill it. Better off building further away. All this means is that clogging can be cured with a quick murder to loosen up the gears.
  3. Hey, here in the UK it's still the 25th! Keep working on that update! For me, it might even come a day early!
  4. Still, at the moment they are only banning players who have obviously hacked items. It's not a matter of if you've ever got an item from an AFK shop or not - the obvious hacks are the ones with stats that are clearly unreal. Otherwise, what's to stop someone simply asking a hacker to hack all the items for them? 'I didn't hack them, I'm innocent!' Nothing you could do about that. So although it is a priority to get rid of the hackers, the people with clearly hacked items are also needing to be removed, as they will most often be in support of the hackers. Maybe kind of an official guide to spotting hacked items?
  5. I was going to guess 'Unreal'. Because I think 'Trendy' is reserved for the level cap. But I think 'Resplendent' is a nice word too...
  6. Is it not possible to tamper-proof the local files so that they can be read and edited by the game, but hackers find it difficult and their intrusions can be detected? Obviously the process can take a bit of time, but I wouldn't mind losing the ability to equip items straight from the floor if it meant that they could be tamper-proofed when I picked them up. You know, like they put the little popping lid thing on the jars. Obviously this isn't completely foolproof (fun fact, it's possible to reclose the jars with the lid unpopped if you know the trick) but if you changed the way you secured your files often hackers would find it hard to keep up.
  7. I find eggs actually are easier to get on Easy, Medium, Hard etc. than on Nightmare! Drop rate is the same, after all, all Nightmare usually does is drop higher quality items. The easier modes might be better for eggs simply because the enemies are easier to kill for their drops.
  8. Did you mean this? http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Extensive_Weapon_Effectiveness You are aware that the 3rd hit hitting twice instead of a 3rd and 4th hit is unique to Countess and Mitt, right?
  9. The particle effects don't seem that bad from where I stand, but I remember trying to fight to get to a trans drop when and all I can say is that, from standing inside one of those things, it is crazy. Maybe it could tone down the effects more the closer to Ground Zero you are, as that's where you need to see things more from?
  10. Sounds like a good plan, that obstacle course! Can you make an obstacle course we can fight PvP on? :p And I think maybe you could have a mana token priced entry, and the winner gets all the mana tokens entered for that game?
  11. The Old Ones are purple, you say? Does that mean they spawn in Nightmare Mode? But yes, a webcomic would be great. I'd love to see more personality from these characters - especially Apprentice, he's such a cool lil' guy!
  12. That could actually be a new challenge - one in which the 'G' key is disabled, so that people have to run back to the crystal to start. I bet some people would never figure it out...
  13. Reflect walls are super handy on smaller maps, especially the first two campaign survivals. Not only do they protect you during repairs, they also stop archers or other ranged enemies from sniping your barricades and core. And spiders. And even wyverns, which also use a projectile attack.
  14. I've been playing a good bit of Survival recently, and I have been starting to notice how much DPS the Proton Charge Beam deals. I was especially surprised to note that at Level 45 I could spec my EV to match with this beam the DPS of a 74 hybrid Huntress, at the cost of beam stats but retaining enough health, speed etc to make it easily possible to gather enough mana to actually fire the thing in later waves. I know pure weapon damage and the levels put into the ability improve the damage dealt, but how do you think I should go about milking the highest DPS from it?
  15. Draemn, some of these factors have been taken into account, if you read carefully what Goro has written. Buffing more towers has always been a concern - however, when you buff two harpoons it is identical to one harpoon with double DPS. Although buffing two walls, that could be interesting - depends if the kobolds all go for one wall or spread between both. Piercing with multiple ogres is again covered by simply making some numbers bigger, and as it was shown this doesn't do much - any numbers should come out on top. Thirdly, the Squire Guardian protects against anything that is a threat to walls, DEWs and Kobolds included, and in fact Harpoons can have a hard time hitting either of those (Aaaaagh, the jumping!) so as far as I can tell that is actually another benefit it has. And finally, boosting your walls need not put you in DEW - guardians have quite an okay area of effect and target five towers, so as long as you set up your towers correctly for a Squire run, you need not worry about standing too close.
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