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  1. [QUOTE]The problem is that the "broader audience" doesn't seem to agree with your opinion and in general has no problems palying out the game as designed.[/QUOTE] Clearly the opinion here is split on the issue, 27 to 27. The audience here skews hard core though, so I expect the general audience (less hardcore) would like to see the change. Anyhow, it's debatable... [QUOTE]I don't see this 'feature' getting implemented; like Vallos implied it would cheapen the game.[/QUOTE] To my way of thinking cheapening the game is making it easier. This change wouldn't make the game easier, it would jus
  2. He's not talking about survival, he's not asking for help, he's just saying he and his kid find having to grind for 60 minutes to retry a boss fight is a bit dull. That's fair enough. But, it's much like other games, only the grind here is a little more tedious. Most games have a bit you need to play through to get to the end boss, whatever that boss might be. Be it, I don't know, a helicopter in an FPS, or some weird twisted deity in Bayonetta. Difference is, most other games have checkpoints through the levels. This doesn't. That's all he's asking for. If you don't agree, that's fine,
  3. Sometimes you need to repeat earlier levels if the towers are completely wrong, but most of the time failures can be fixed by tweaking layout or play style for the final wave. Also, it's interesting if saving is a "yes / no" question because you could choose to make your save point 2 waves before the final wave, giving more runway to make adjustments leading into the final wave. I don't know that save has be so expensive- I'm only talking 1 save slot per player, and it's not a matter of saving monsters or loot, just towers and mana positions. Maybe it's expensive, maybe not. In terms of th
  4. I will not vote in your poll as the options given are quite obviously biased to your personal point of view. Campaign does not need this feature in my personal opinion. I am sorry that you and your son seem to be unable to correct what ever error may be causing your failure. Could it be worth looking at your build? or possibly running the map once on a lower setting to get an idea of mob flow to help you position your towers in an optimal position? I see your problem, you and your son are having difficulty with a map and it is frustrating to have to start over when you fail (i personally
  5. I know this is off topic, but Id be happy to help you and your son out on Morrago. (as long as your on PC of course) If you are hit me up with a friend request, My ID is in the Sig. Thanks- that's kind offer, but that would feel like cheating for us I think. It's not that the level is too hard for us, it's that when we lose at the level it's a huge PIA to replay all the waves. If we just wanted to complete the level we could crank the difficulty down to "easy" or have you help us, but that also removes the fun of the game as it's no longer a challenge to solve.
  6. Normal campaign play is the issue. We are getting stuck on the desert level, and not in a fun way. After having replayed that VERY long level twice, and each time having a little problem resulting in failure on the final wave, we are giving up on the game until this feature is in. As the levels get longer we find the game is becoming an exercise in OCD- push the "easy wave" lever for an hour so you can have a bit of fun on the final wave. The game now mostly consists of playing fetch with chests and donkeys!
  7. That doesn't work on mission levels- just survival mode, right? During the mission you need all the mana required to rebuild defenses, plus the defenses themselves.
  8. I'm creating this poll because my son and I love this game but are extremely frustrated by the inability to save the game between waves, so much so that we are giving up on the game until this change is made. We generally love the game (or I wouldn't be on this forum creating a poll!) What's needed is saving tower positioning, damage, stray mana, and player mana- any stray loot would be forgotten. Loading from the save point would cost banked mana equivalent to the stray mana and chest mana on the level, and loaded chests / donkeys / etc would just have mana, not loot. The save point could b
  9. The amount of data should be trivial. The things that would need to be stored would be X/Y/Z locations, rotation in degrees or radians, tower type, upgrade level, and the character that built it. Even if I've forgotten a couple things they'd each need 4 bytes or less for around 28 bytes, maybe less. You could fill up Karathiki or Glitterhelm with magic blockades and still store the setup in less than 5 kilobytes. You'd also need to store the damage to the towers, but I agree- the data amount for saving between waves is trivial. This seems to me to be a relatively easy change to the game
  10. My son and I are finding that we need to be able to save the game between waves of enemies. Without that ability we are on the verge of giving up on the game, which is very frustrating as we otherwise very much enjoy playing it and have plunked down a lot of $$$ on the game. There's 3 reasons we need this change. First, it's simply not fun replaying all the waves for an elaborate level like the lost shards desert level because of a minor tactical or tower setup problem in the final wave of attackers. Second, we are sometimes interrupted by life and can't complete playing a level at one sitt
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