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  1. How about for a few hours every weekend, we get 2x-3x exp. Kinda like what modern warfare does. This....a lot
  2. - Create a pet that boosts XP so grinding out levels doesn't take forever - create a pet or weapon that gains XP just like the heroes do to level it up - keep it fresh with challenges. Release some free DLC where challenges are structured like past events so that those of us who missed them can see what they would have been like. - add the ability to to play any of the challenge structures on any map. For example, imagine trying Death From Above on The Summit or doing No Towers Allowed on Aquanos. - instead if straight up PVP allow a second player to control the mobs while the first
  3. i need someone to contact someone for me via psn account because i can not contact any other way. if you can help please respond as soon as possible thanks Maybe you should post your PSN ID or let people know if it's the same as your ID on here. Maybe even go as far as to state what you need help with... Just sayin
  4. really cool people don't hate period
  5. what do you mean by that does it lag that much? it will even lag your tavern!! haha
  6. Swagneto, OIC its on medium...damn I did it on hard and thought my 78Squire not good enough... Thank you Buddy! hahaha. no worries, i'm always happy to help. i make it through w/ my 74 squire so i have to imagine you should be good to go with your 78!! :-P
  7. I read from some earlier posts that MM on pure strat can be done only using Squire towers. Is it possible? yes it is. depending on your stats, on medium you don't even need to manage it, on H you might need to repair around the last couple waves
  8. what would you get in an insane giraffe run dies it mean uou get rarer pet? i havent tried insane i just did hard runs just like classic did from my understanding based on other threads i have read/posted in the past, your prize is all based on RNG so doing it on insane would really only provide better drops (potentially) from the chests and not necessarily a better reward (Kairi/Giraffe). I have always found my best giraffes on H do it on M or H with "infinite build time" turned off and you can AFK it and it will go just as quickly as on insane. Insane you might actually need to f
  9. best i've received was 74 and i gave it away to a friend for free. seemed pretty worthless to me
  10. If you drop a building character out it messes with the defenses they built. I have never paid attention, I know a lot have complained about in Moraggo, especially the huntress's defenses. it didn't change anything about them just didn't let the upgrades apply. I did figure out that if I bring my builder back in they would update and i could take him back out. Weird stuff though
  11. So i was toying around with some survival setups this morning and came across something interesting. When talking to friends who play this game the other day, i was complaining about how every time i have tried to get the "survive to wave 20" trophy the game would freeze on me on either wave 18 or 19. To get around this, a friend suggested that i build with a second controller, then just leave the game with the builder and play the level with my dps character (much like moraggo). today comes and i had a few hours before playing golf so i decided i would do just that. After buliding t
  12. Agree 100%... Anyone that would actually pay cash for computer generated pixels needs to just stop playing.... Finding good stuff is what this game is about, why ruin the fun. This guy gets it
  13. So no less than 4 people have tried to sell me event items for real life money or a $10/$20 PSN card. 1. I thought this was "illegal" (as deemed by trendy) or if not frowned upon 2. It's just no fun 3. It could kill the actual trading in the game Curious what the rest of you think...
  14. What's your experience with farming for good robots? In other words, am I likely to find a better one in Alchem Lab or Throne Room? Thus far (with only a couple of runs on each) I've had better luck in Throne Room but it takes more maintenance during and between waves. Doing each on Hard. Xbox if that matters. I would imagine throne room bc I never get anything over 42 on alc lab
  15. You do know you can lock tavern pick up which enables a security system that keeps players from taking your items on the ground P.S it only works in YOUR tavern It was in a build phase on a map, my tavern is always locked :-) Because I believe you have a valid point you should remove the guys name. It's against the rules. Forgot, I will edit his name out
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