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  1. I can't even get the weekly to open on my account!? It says I have to complete the campaign, which I know I've done at least twice!! I do understand your frustration tho...
  2. njvantol

    DD2 Winter Wonderland Event

    So it's working for PC then and not consoles!?
  3. You took away two player mode!? At least on xbox....
  4. njvantol

    Winterfest Update 2021

    Dint notice a fix for the forgotten ruins map!? Most of the time if a Malthius spawns on that right lower lane….he’ll high tail it back (way back) into the spawn area where you need to try your luck at hitting him with some kinda specialized projectile!? That’s if he doesn’t completely make it back to the far left corner….
  5. Last I knew they were going for over 40 mill....
  6. Been away from dd2 for awhile....How do i access my dailies on the xbox one with this new interface!!//
  7. How bout pet abilities on xbox one!? What button config do you use?
  8. Am I the only one who gets the "gray tiles of doom" on player #2 screen on xbox one!? As the dad in the family...the torch has been passed and if I'm lucky enough to play....you guessed it - player #2. Wouldn't be so bad if not for the gray screens and the inability to join online games! The crashing I can live with...it's the inability to help the team cause I literally can't see anything! that kills me!
  9. Just to clarify... DLC won't hit until noon on Thursday? Cause we'd be willing to download it at one second after midnight.....tonight!
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