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  1. Last I knew they were going for over 40 mill....
  2. Been away from dd2 for awhile....How do i access my dailies on the xbox one with this new interface!!//
  3. Well...here's my dilemma! After my builder pet was placed in the vault, and duped several times, either I ended up selling it or it just somehow disappeared!? Sad thing is, there was no monetary reward for any of it!? I was out of my builder pet that I'd put all that time, $ and effort! After the update...still no sign!
  4. How bout pet abilities on xbox one!? What button config do you use?
  5. Am I the only one who gets the "gray tiles of doom" on player #2 screen on xbox one!? As the dad in the family...the torch has been passed and if I'm lucky enough to play....you guessed it - player #2. Wouldn't be so bad if not for the gray screens and the inability to join online games! The crashing I can live with...it's the inability to help the team cause I literally can't see anything! that kills me!
  6. Just to clarify... DLC won't hit until noon on Thursday? Cause we'd be willing to download it at one second after midnight.....tonight!
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