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  1. 1 coal is fine with me. I'll connect with you when I get a chance (likely this weekend)
  2. I've got a collection of small eggs from the 2012 easter event. If anyone is unfamiliar, 24 of these eggs can be exchanged for a bunny costume. I also have Humongous eggs if anyone is interested. Leading bid is 30cv (I'll be ending this auction on 4/20 and the highest bidder will get it) No reserve in place. Happy Bidding!
  3. Use the existing upgrade system and let us do the reverse for the same amount of upgrade levels or maybe half and about 1.5x the mana cost. Let us take points away from stats and put them somewhere else thus making the wall of progression less brutal. I do not believe it would adversely affect the current state of the game very much due to the caps on gear. It would simply allow more people to get gear that will be usable for harder game content which would greatly help remove the large progression wall that exists.
  4. This is a known issue that's been in the game for a while. It occasionally happens when someone puts all their mana into the trade but very rarely also can happen even without this condition. I just traded all of my mana to someone and has this happen as well, I only just now found out looking in the bugs section that what I experienced is indeed a known bug. Is there anyway to get the mana back or are you just out the mana forever?
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