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  1. If we aren't supposed to say anything on the forums, and Trendy isn't responsible for testing the game, then how will they know that something is wrong? Not by constantly spamming the fouls with information Trendy and the rest of us already know. I'm not saying people shouldn't have the right to give constructive criticism in a respectful way. I just want everybody to realize that everyone is going through the same thing so were all on the same boat.
  2. Yeah it seems to me that the patch reduced the drop rate of the super good armor on any map that I had been finding before.
  3. We all know that Aquanos has major issues that need to be fixed... However if your so annoyed by it just stop playing it. Don't go and complain on the forums about how you hate the map or whatever. I don't know about everyone else but the constant spam threads about Aquanos are getting downright repetitive and pointless.
  4. I heard that the monk weapon from insane is also very good. Can have +7 (I think...) in extra projectiles which would make it viable as a ranged monk wep
  5. I also found a green one in my shop but it only had 12^ :(. I also like getting generic flamewarders...they come in so many colors :)
  6. I can't say for sure but I would think you'll have to buy it again :(. The game is only 15$ though and has a good deal of content which makes me think its pry worth the cost.
  7. Honestly the best way to avoid being kicked is to be a little picky with the games you join. If I see a moraggo game and I want to join I make sure that they don't already have 3 people because otherwise you'll get the boot. I also like to join when a game is in the tavern to avoid being tagged as a "freeloader". The most important thing however is to use brain when you do join a game. If your a loot hog and you never repair any defenses you better expect to be booted in a matter of seconds.
  8. It's worth as much as somebody will pay for it simple as that
  9. With the new weapons I no longer even need to jump. I just barrel through to the last crystal guns blazing.
  10. Between 5:30 and 6:30 is usually when my family has dinner :( I was wondering if I can pry be on at like 7:00 is that okay?
  11. The set up that my friend came up with and that me and him use all the time is this. It works great for two people but I haven't tried it solo yet.
  12. I find that the genie king isn't all that hard even without this bug. However I will definintly test this :)
  13. PSN: SiLeNTxMoNsTeR Friday or if you full that day Saturday
  14. For the animus, acceptable, sure but not what it needs to be. For everything else, well let's just say my grandma could run the mile before the MMT's actually get to kill something(.25 atk rate is only 2 shots per second???) I agree the apprentice towers are slightly ridiculous but I do know one thing...Trendy is not a stuid company. If there is a large flaw in the game that detracts from the gameplay they very often fix it. This is not to say there the fastest company in doing so but they get the job sone never the less.
  15. if the apprentices tower did the damage they suppose to do, I would tell you concentrate on health but being bugged as it is for the apprentice I would say mostly attack you dont want your towers to have 500 attack but 80 health, because with one shot from an ogre the fall to pieces and your whole build is useless I would say go for 200 hp and then start building on the attack if you can experiment, and have different armor sets for health and attack Wait but i'm talking about a squire here.
  16. I dont know about you but I found the my animus attack rate to be around acceptable. I might not be 6 sps but it has improved significantly from before the patch
  17. I realize that there is already a 96^ giraffe post but I dont know if giraffe and guardians have different upgrade scales
  18. My squire is finally now approaching level 78 and i'm ready to start upgrading armour for him (I have quite the stockpile after the long run from 70-78). I have quite a few good armour sets and I was wondering now with the increased upgrades how I should use these upgrades. Should I throw them all in tower damage? Or should I put some in Tower Health? If so how much should I put in Health? Just wondering what you guys think. Any feedback would be nice.
  19. Thats a nice soul focuser you have there. What level to wear it though?
  20. [QUOTE] Gonna make her a dps since i really dont like her traps[/QUOTE] :eek:
  21. I know some people like to glitterhelm on insane but im more of a fan of ramparts myself. You get more loot it feels like and although its not quite as good as xp I find it much more enjoyable
  22. Pardon my french But Holy @3$% thats a good fairy! Thanks :) Can't wear it till 78 though which wont be for a while. Im bound and set on getting a perfect blasticus so i have been doing that quite a bit and not power leveling.
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