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  1. AsTrO_Shootz Saturday 4-10 pm EST would like to request team up with exile101097
  2. if they do come out with old maps (which i hope they do)i have a good idea how, the first dlc would be area 1 maps, the 2nd dlc would be area 2 maps and the 3rd would be area 3 maps. if they decide to make a 4th dlc then it could be all 4 eternia shard which makes it 4 maps per dlc.
  3. Lol false alarm. I forgot about PS+ I haven't used it in so long Tito or another moderator close this thread please lol
  4. OK so my data corrupted yesterday, this was an amazing game and the best (and always will be) $15 i ever spent lol i been playing this game for a year and a half but still aint bored ok so bye everybody
  5. me im 14 and on every day so ill help and its my birthday this could be my present also i am in team carnage anyways lol
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