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  1. There are 7 phases on this map. If you beat phase 7, you win. Of course, it won't be as simple as beating phase 7 on Pirate Invasion...
  2. First off: 6k stat DSTs on beta shoot faster than 2k stat DSTs on live, and (obviously) deal far more damage. So it's most assuredly NOT the DST change that causes your build that "works flawlessly" at 2k stats to fail at 6k, because they are quite simply perfectly superior towers at that point. Now then...does the rate reduction hurt the DST's ability to kill trash mobs? Yes. Is this a problem? For me...no. In fact, it's a good thing in my eyes - the DST shouldn't be able to keep up if you point it at a gigantic horde of enemies, in the same way that an Electric Aura or Proximity Mine shouldn't be able to kill an endgame survival Ogre by itself in any reasonable amount of time. They're simply not designed to do these things. Before this change, the DST flat-out lost in DPS to the fireball and harpoon, even without accounting for the DU costs. This meant that it was restricted to one gimmick only, which is its wall piercing. Now, it beats both of those towers...for single target purposes. In exchange, it loses a small amount of attack rate (seriously, it's not that big of a hit...). I feel like this is a worthy trade. There are so many towers in the game already that can wipe out hordes of trash mobs, whether it's through piercing damage (harpoon), splash damage (fireball), attacks focused on certain areas (proxy mine, inferno trap, electric aura), or even a tower that can chain-zap 50+ enemies at once (Lightning Tower - which was also buffed). These are the towers that should be used to clean out the trash, not the slow, strong DST. In fact, with such high damage on the DST now, it may well be able to kill Djinn by itself when they try to desummon your towers. This creates more opportunities to use it (in conjunction with traps and/or auras in the lanes to kill trash faster for example), not less. It also gains increased viability with the new golden enemy change, where the damage buff will go to work on the golden wyverns and other enemies that your auras/traps may need help against. Would simply increasing the rate and damage slightly instead of decreasing the rate and greatly increasing the damage produce a more effective tower? Yes. Does the golden enemy change make the game harder? Probably. However, if we just wanted to unilaterally buff everything...well, you said it yourself - that's what Eternity did. We all know how that turned out. Instead, what we did was further strengthen its "niche" - slow, strong projectiles that pierce walls. It had the first and third originally, but was rather lacking in the second compared to other towers. Calling it useless now is, quite simply, hyperbole. If that small reduction in rate really affects you that much...well, if it's really overkilling enemies by that much, it shouldn't be an issue to take some points out of damage and put it into rate, right? And finally - keep it civil, please. Outright antagonizing people who are voluntarily putting hours of their lives to create patches for this game over one change isn't going to help your case any.
  3. Slice N' Dice (First off, it seems the damage reduction that was supposed to go in this patch didn't get properly included. Whoops.) Alright, I'm not sure why you insist on comparing apples to oranges (SnD vs. harpoon) here. The SnD should do less damage than the Harpoon? No. Absolutely not. If the SnD doesn't outdamage the harpoon and another particular tower (will get to that later), it has absolutely no reason to exist. Not only is it a melee tower, and thus can't hit nearly as many enemies as a harpoon can, but its health scaling is quite frankly abysmal. The only melee/wall tower that scales worse than the SnD is the magicade, which is a 1DU defense (and probably needs some help too). Even the harpoon's health scaling isn't THAT far off the SnD's. So, instead of comparing apples to oranges, let's compare apples to apples; namely, the Slice N' Dice's closest equivalent, the Ogre Minion. These two defenses are quite similar: high DU/MU cost, melee, similar size (width-wise, anyway) and range. However, the ogre absolutely crushes the SnD in health scaling (easily 3x as much health with comparable stats), even moreso when you consider that a mage can heal the ogre and not the SnD. In addition, the ogre cannot be desummoned or moved by sharken, the former of which especially the SnD can do nothing about. Finally, the ogre uses Minion Units, while the SnD takes a hefty 8 Defense Units that could maybe be spent better in other locations. With all of these advantages, why would anyone ever build a Slice N' Dice? Damage. Only problem is, in the live version, the ogre wins there too! In live, there is absolutely zero reason to build this tower; harpoon or ogre would be better in any situation. If the SnD does less damage than the harpoon, it would seriously be more beneficial to place a harpoon in melee range. Of course, nobody does this unless they're wildly overstatted for that map because it would be suicide, but it would still be better. On that note; if you say that something is overpowered because you can beat Akatiti with 6k stats using that tower in some weird build - then good! You should be able to! If you can beat something with 2k stats, then of course as your stats get higher you should be able to use increasingly weird or less than optimal builds to beat that same map! If you take that same build into Embermount or TL survival and win with the same level of ease, then there might be an issue. However, nobody has said anything about either of those being broken/made trivial by SnD's, so... The way I see it, the new damage change has made the SnD into the ultimate high-risk, high-reward tower. It's incredibly squishy for a melee tower, has short range, and is highly vulnerable to just about anything that stays out of that range (especially Djinn). However, if you can make it work, it shreds anything that gets too close to it to pieces. Is the damage too much? Maybe (and remember, the latest damage reduction didn't get in this update because shenanigans). But it can always be re-adjusted later if it starts dominating everything. Same with the DST/EST if they really turn out to be as useless as you claim they will.
  4. Deadly Striker/Ethereal Spike You seem to have missed something in the patch notes and while testing, something that completely changes the argument. Let's read it, shall we? [[48136,users]] quote: • Golding an enemy (by Djinn / Wheel) increases its power by a percentage so the power boost scales into higher level games (I don't know how to properly quote individual parts of a post from another thread, haven't posted on these forums in ages, bear with me) This is a VERY significant boost. On high-end maps and survivals, this effectively averages out to a 5x increase in enemy health from normal -> golden. In particular, this makes golden wyverns much more durable, to the point where the old DST/EST wouldn't (and still don't even with the damage buffs) do enough damage to kill them in one shot. Here's some numbers I took from some notable maps as examples (all from Nightmare Wave 20 survivals, not mix mode): Embermount Volcano: Wyverns have 1.6M HP normally, jumps to 8M golded Sky City: Wyverns have ~670k HP normally, jumps to ~3.35M golded King's Game: Wyverns have ~570k HP normally, jumps to ~2.85M golded This buff isn't limited to wyverns, either. While looking for a golden wyvern on King's Game to compare, I saw a golden mage with 2.2M HP. Just imagine how much something like a golden DEW would have, or god forbid a golden Ogre if a jester messes up. Also remember that those are wave 20 numbers; it gets worse. So you tell me. Is the extra damage being wasted on these new gold enemies? Would the old Ethereal Spike have been able to kill the new golden wyverns in a Sky City single crystal build (which is, by the way, literally the only type of build I'd ever seen anyone use them in before this)? Somehow, I don't think so. For the record, we actually had quite a few conversations about the DST change internally, and even took a vote at one point on whether or not to keep the change in. Pretty much everyone who actively plays the game voted, and the majority wanted to keep it in. The reasoning was both the above change meaning the damage buff was by no means going to waste thanks to the gold change, and that the rate reduction was really quite minor (less than one-tenth of a second in most cases). If your DSTs are now getting overrun by trash enemies...well, Lightning Tower just got buffed, why not throw one of them in to complement your DSTs? Tower diversity for the win? As for Ethereal Spike, like I said, I've only seen it used seriously in one type of build that, by all rights, shouldn't even exist. At this point in the game, we're not going to directly nerf it, but we're not going to go out of our way to preserve it either. The new EST can be used in a lot more situations than the old one could, as a high-damage, high-reset time trap that can be placed in areas where only high-HP enemies (Ogres, Harbingers, bosses, Djinn, etc.) can ever get to. There are other towers that excel in cleaning out the trash before they get to the EST.
  5. I'm still around for the most part, and am willing to work on any of my maps, so you can add them to the list (Myin's too, since that's my alternate account made to bypass the steam workshop limits). I'm fairly certain I have all the original files too, so there shouldn't be an issue there.
  6. Final Bosses have way too much HP (800mil each) on NMHC We got through it, but we played with a team with ridic stats and very high game skill...not exactly fun by any means I also got accessories as a reward with horrible stats across the board, both unusable. I defeated it solo as well, a few minutes before they did, NMHC. Never saw exactly how much health each cupid had, but was somewhere around 150-200M apiece. Solo. Yeah...took a while to shoot them down with my trusty ECannon. Every single minion except one lone archer down south died, auras and traps held up fine. Antihero wave was worse solo though, super legendary huntress w/fairy does not kill those elusive *******s quick...had two very close calls.
  7. Probably the only thing resembling a feasible strategy for Greater Turkey Hunt solo. Watch that, and good luck...
  8. Mischief http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mischiefz/ Friday B
  9. Solo this map is the ultimate challenge NMHC Greater Turkey Hunt says hi lol It is pretty tough solo though...
  10. The trophies for Tavern Defense, Spook 2, and Turkey Hunt (and their respective NM counterparts) seem to have been misplaced, and the Monsters in my Pocket trophy has returned to it's former place before the turkey hunt was added.
  11. I can easily see my build doing 20 waves survival. Probably 25. I'm doing it now, difficulty skyrockets on 20...could practically afk it on 19 and then one of my mages came dangerously close to dying on 20. Still going...
  12. Mischief: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mischiefz/ Friday B EDIT: With these guys now: KeenJammin http://steamcommunity.com/id/keenjammin Commish http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045118501/ Mischief http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mischiefz/ Friday B
  13. We featured this in yesterday's Weekly Workshop! :squire: Lol, sweet. Nice to know some people over at Trendy liked it! In other news, second section is up publicly for testing: link is http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=110645710 Third section still needs to be balanced...if the numbers get too high, the djinn at the end get completely absurd, at least solo. Have to find some sort of way to dampen their spawns and not the others, because it's a bit ridiculous.
  14. Lol, guess I might as well bump this. I uploaded the first section to the steam workshop, if you want to check it out. It's still in beta obviously; pet quality isn't finalized, gear is crap, enemy difficulty might change, 30 waves, etc. etc. Feedback welcome! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=110496786
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