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  1. The creatures have a damage resistance but I don't know by how much
  2. Events are really the only thing that keeps me playing DD
  3. If you trendy guys already have a patch, why not updating this thread? What he said
  4. XONEXONEX was a great host and thanks again for taking over Deathdealers list
  5. hey guys I'm taking over death dealers list expect an invite from me soon, sorry for the inconvenience. Ok thanks
  6. Still no invite are events still going? Host is Deathdealer
  7. I'm pretty sure that they are different
  8. thats wat i mean i have a friend wit some high lvl weapons nd he used all his 200 mill nd had 2 mana glitch 2 finish the rest of the upgrades nd im not talkin a huge increase just like 500 mill lol maybe i think that the be just plenty... i try 2 mana glitch as little as possible but when ya got armor plus pets plus weapons ya it adds up You cant mention things like that on the forums
  9. Should at least lest us pick the colors
  10. What time do events finish est? Sorry not good with the time zones
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