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  1. Oh thanks, i forget they delay patches a lot and assumed gunwitch also came out on a tuesday.
  2. Isn't the Gunwitch supposed to be 10k medals this patch?
  3. I like doing a 'Turtle-like' build on Ramparts Incursion where you place an X with buff beam in the middle of the cores and then place archers or cannons/ballista on buff beams, surrounding everything with reflect beams. It's easy to build and fun to watch.
  4. This. :) I vote for Vampire if only one can be had. :(
  5. Never showed it on stream after saying they were going to show it... >_>
  6. I'm not a fan of DPS only characters, I would have liked for the gun witch to have some towers but oh well.
  7. All heroes in your Hero Deck share exp, allowing you to level up multiple heroes at once.
  8. Frozen enemies can be "Shattered" using specific abilities and towers.
  9. You can obtain unique legendary weapons by playing Onslaught, survive enough rounds and you will be rewarded with one.
  10. Press the 'J' key to open up the Mission menu, where you can check out your daily/monthly missions.
  11. Yes they need to either remove the limit or increase it to at least 2000 or 2500.
  12. It was only availabe during december, but it is possible that you could get it from someone else if trading is ever implemented since it could also be obtained with winter lockboxes.
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