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  1. I think that this would be awesome.
  2. Since they have hero re-spec and all I don't see why we shouldn't have this. Lets get this in the game!!!
  3. I think that a minimap would be awesome. Not show little guys, but key monsters and/or non-clutter items (greens and egg type stuff)
  4. ROFL i'm surprised it is worth mana (all of 53). You should probably have to pay the tavernkeep to take that off your hands.
  5. I agree that (6) should be changed. Especially when browsing other peoples shops!
  6. I hardly think people are going to spam to be host. I think it is a great idea! Especially when survival games take up sooo much time, if host has to leave its like a swift kick to the crotch.
  7. It doesn't have to be just for high level players joining nightmare games, it could be used for players of all levels. I mean they do already have the search filter, but going through menus and clicking through all the options is a pain.
  8. You know when you see an awesome looking weapon. And then the game is like, let us give it crappy stats so nobody can use this amazing looking weapon? I was thinking they could either add an NPC in tavern that you could pay to modify the look of your weapon AND/OR be able to modify the appearance at your forge. You could have it so either you would have to unlock certain looks for your weapons by dismantling other weapons that have that same appearance. Or maybe you get certain achievements to unlock special effects that you can add to the weapons. Or you could just pay the NPC mana to chan
  9. Really basic, just be able to click on a header and be able to sort through that. Like click on game name sort alphabetically by game name, click on survival show all survival games. Just a quick way to look through all the available games.
  10. Well as long as it is balanced I'm sure there won't be any problems with people being like ew you're that class. I think that a option to change appearance would be best since people have bought outfits for certain characters, so it might induce rage when they aren't an option anymore. You could just raise the level cap instead of making them restart at a lower level, taking away somebody's really good armor kind of takes the incentive away. I know some other people have been talking about adding in new abilities for classes, and I think that it would be a good way to mesh the two ideas.
  11. Upon reaching a certain level, be allowed to choose to specialize further into your class. IE the apprentice class goes to something beyond just being an apprentice (like maybe finally become a wizard). This will unlock more abilities (based on which class tree you take) and possibly other things? It will open up more customization and more unique builds as well. You could have it so one tree goes towards specializing in tower and one tree goes towards specializing in hero attacks. I don't know if something like this has already been discussed, it probably has because there are so many game
  12. This is a PC running Windows.
  13. are there no like trendy tech guys on these forums?
  14. =( does anybody else even have this problems?
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