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  1. So last night I had a little too much to drink. I was playing DD and become very frustrated with skarkens destroying all my builds even with my effort to try and stop them. So apparently in my druken stupor I thought It was a good idea to sell all my gear, give all my money away, delete all my characters, and uninstall the game. wow.
  2. I having the same problem. I think I'm done with this game unless something is done about sharkens. Not fun anymore.
  3. Idk if I'm in the majority but the addition of the sharken has ruined the enjoyment I was getting out of the game. I have no desire to play anymore.
  4. That I have never seen someone troll a match by spam deleting structures before. I've spent 300hrs playing. **** just blows my mind.
  5. When structures are buffed by beam they have a red sparkle on them.
  6. Anyone have any suggestions? Are there any classes that are better than others?
  7. I've been doing survival misty to try and get some gear and to make it to wave 30 takes about 5 hours. Is this really what is expected to get the best gear? It's not like you have to do it a single time either. I've done a few runs and have't gotten a decent trans. Kind of losing interest because it seems a bit out of whack.
  8. I was using your build Kandar. Really good work man. Works great.
  9. and lost connection to server. I love this game so much.
  10. What are your harpoon dps stats? I tried Kandars build for the first time yesterday and had no issues at all. I found that I had to make sure the poons were as close to the edge of that ledge as possible to make sure the ogres didn't stay out of sight. Positioning the right side of the wall is important, too - you have to make sure its close enough to make sure a buff beam can reach both harpoons, but not too close that the ogres can hit the crystal. Also I found that standing in a certain spot with my huntress guardian meant that all of the poons in that area were buffed. It left me in a
  11. Looks like your missing the buff beam. that plays a huge part in the build. I know I am. I just made a quick game to show what has been happening when I do the actual build.
  12. I always hear people saying that ogres just stand in front of there EV walls but when I'm playing they're usually hitting my walls. I don't have my turrets near the walls. Anyone know why this is happening?
  13. This is what is happening http://i.imgur.com/ccoHL.jpg. Ignore the right portion of pic.
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