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  1. If you have the stats, but are losing on nightmade difficulty, you need to adjust something.

    Many have mentioned different characters, which is a no brainer, but I'd also suggest having multiple pets.

    Currently, I roll with:

    A Huntress Guardians for my Squire/Apprentice Builder.

    I have an awesome Trans Genie (for tower upgrades) and Mythical Djinnlett (keeps invis/ps going) for the later waves for my Huntress.

    Those will make all the difference, trust me.

    Interesting catch 22 there. My pets lack but to get new pets I need to clear NM maps. :)
  2. Why not play INSANE mode if you don't like the challenge?

    And if you're so sure the flames will come, doesn't that say something about what you're writing. It's almost like you realize how what you're writing sounds like a person who refuses to adapt to change and play a game that involves some level of challenge.

    Honestly, I think it says more about my expectations of people in the interwebz in general than it does about what I wrote. I'm not trying to rant or flame. (And to the early poster, I think of a rant as being full of anger. I'm not. I'm more just kind of depressed, so to me that's the difference.)

    And I get what you're saying saxysaxplayer. I made that decision a couple times already, but feel like I'm moving backwards rather than forwards.

    If the question is "Why did I bother?" then there are two answers. The first is to serve as a reminder that the constant changes come with a price, and some players may not like it. The second reason was to see what useful suggestions might come out of it. (Maybe I have to break down and level a squire instead.)
  3. This isn't a rant, or a flame. It's just that I'm a little frustrated and a little sad and I felt like I had to tell the developers that while I liked your game a lot and had a lot of fun with it, the constant changes and difficulty increases are really wearing me out.

    I just have the one toon that's high level. And spiders were tricky at first. And then there was sharken. And just as I was getting a handle on that, you go and start throwing ogres at me two and three at a time. They walk up, blow through my apprentice walls and I lose. Game over. I'm just trying to have some fun on nightmare endless spires. I was doing ok and even getting better - progressing deeper etc. I even managed to win the wave a few times. Then patch after patch just makes it harder and harder.

    I'm sure the flames will come. Some will say "QQ", others will scream "L2P!!". That's ok. Go post that if it makes you feel better. I'm only posting this because I'm hoping it might make me feel better.

    When you keep making the game harder and harder too quickly, you take away the fun and a lot of people stop playing. I guess I'm one. I've bought the game and some of the DLC, but I won't be buying any more because it's not fun any more. I feel like I'm being punished.
  4. I found a progression thread that had some good tips on handling nightmare endless spires for an apprentice. I don't have the link any more unfortunately.

    There was a layout suggested but also some principles. Namely, you don't have to win per se. You just have to survive the first wave. Then you can farm the chests and get some mythical gear. Once you do that, you'll be able to start surviving more and more waves and farm more and more mythical gear.

    I've managed to survive all the way through a few times, but it's somewhat luck-based. Now that the new patch is down, it seems harder. I think what's holding me back more than anything now is the need for a new pet and I'm not sure how to get a decent one aside from surviving difficult maps and hoping one shows up in the pet store.
  5. I've been sorting through some of the forum posts and tutorials but I can't seem to quite figure out what to do next. I just hit level 74 but have no mythic equipment. I've seen videos of people getting the stuff starting on nightmare endless spire, but I stand no chance there. They have tower stats in the 500 range - I can't even make it through the first wave of nightmare on the first map.

    My tower stats are 139/177/149/154 with a 65 hero speed.

    How do people hit those stats? Is it the mythic gear? If so, how do you get started even getting some drops?

    I mostly play solo, and have this apprentice plus some other toons, none above 40 (though I could raise one up if needed).

    Please give me an idea of what I should be doing to advance - thanks much!!
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