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  1. I just thought of this: since weapon drops are class specific, will playing a summoner solo mean there will be no weapon drops ? (can't use weapons) If so: wohoooo ! finally get to collect some proper armour without the damn weapons taking up 90% of the space.
  2. It's 36 lines of code dude, there's not much risk of "extremely bloated". There's different heroes, levels, item qualities, item types, you'll have a lot of if's in there. re-writing to make it easier to read and actually work as intended, sure. but it's not going to get bloated. even if they add 5 new levels above supreme, it's very minor. Read this if interested: http://ozone.wordpress.com/2006/03/08/development-best-practices-coding-standards-and-the-20-lines-rule/ Anyway not trying to bash trendy's code or anything, god knows i've written way worse myself :)
  3. Tbh I feel that the way ogres work currently is weird and unintended. If ogres actually tried smashing walls instead of standing there looking stupid if there's a tower shooting them on the other side, they would be a much greater threat. Of course if Ogres became a real threat there would have to be more effective ways of dealing with them AND the skarken.
  4. Unless there's a strong design requirement otherwise I feel it would be best to simply stick to a general rule like "sets can only be made with equal or superior quality gear" (like the B fix in your example), which would allow the code to work regardless of future updates (generally speaking :P )
  5. Nice find. Though I get the feeling this code could use a general cleanup as it is, there are way too many specific cases in there. Considering any number of extra item quality types could be added in the future, the code could get extremely bloated if there are special cases treated for each quality type.
  6. Ogre's shouldn't be screening anything. As its been said, you don't rely on harpoons or fire towers to kill the sharken. You have a beyond the wall set that is ment to deal with the sharken. Gas them then have an external damage source from an aura or trap. Thats how you handle sharken. Ogre's shouldn't be screening anything if your build it right as you are not relying on that harpoons or fire towers. If they are the highest kill towers then your build is wrong. The electric Auras/Inferno traps/proxy traps are ment to be your highest kill count towers. I doubt that (the bolded part). It may be true, but i consider it an issue not a "way of being", It's a "pidgeonholing" effect at its worst. Would you be as content if i told you that after the goblin airship comes out the only tower you're "meant" to use is magic missile ?
  7. Sharken are just plain BAD from a design POV, i still don't understand why Trendy is not changing their mechanics. No matter your stats, sharken will ALWAYS be a "binary" mob, you either never notice they exist, or they charge and you probably lose (especially on highest SV waves when the Ogres are really good at screening for the sharken anyway). Good monsters from a design pov would be those that add a certain amount of pressure while they are in play, like for ex: Ogre, DEW, Necro, and even Djinn and Spider. Sharken don't add any pressure unless they charge, and then they add too much, not to mention completely ****ing up defense placement, most likely forcing you to sell some 3 star walls.
  8. In my opinion, Trendy has moved away from balancing the game as it was during the Insane days where it was your towers and hero versus waves of mobs that try to destroy the crystal. For me at least the game is covering my towers with towers so spiders don't disable them, place poison gas traps so Djinns don't sell them and pretty much just hope my towers can kill Sharken before they reach my towers. Everything else is fodder until one of those three mobs do their thing. I don't mind spiders too much because although they reduce a tower's effectiveness to nearly zero, if you catch one you can fix it. Even after the spider has done its thing, you can kill the spider and wait for the tower to regain its effectiveness. If a Djinn sells a defense that was placed by a hero who is not currently on the field, that cannot be fixed. If you don't kill the Djinn before it's finished channeling that tower is gone permanently until next build phase. Likewise, if a Sharken moves a tower out of position into uselessness that cannot be fixed if the builder is inactive. I genuinely dislike how finite and polar the abilities of these two mobs are. One single lapse in attention (or, more frustratingly, tower AI) means that a defense (or two, if it was buffed by a buff beam - also, all other towers affected by it are now much less effective) is irrevocably gone for that wave. The abilities don't make things progressively more difficult, they just do what they do and usually end a wave shortly after. But that's only my opinion from my perspective. I'd like to be able to 'fix' whatever these mobs do if/when they do them. My feelings exactly !
  9. I'm fairly certain not increasing the cap is a design choice (that I do not agree with) and not a technical limitation. A number can be stored using multiple variables not just one, and even in the case of using just one, it can easily be a 64bit variable: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.int64.maxvalue.aspx Also, using mutiple variables to store a single value for a each player would not, contrary to popular belief, be an insurmountable technical impossibility from a networking POV; it would most likely have no noticeable effect. I will not vote as I would simply prefer such arbitrary caps be removed or explained rather than a token system be implemented to circumvent them.
  10. Wyverns in Aquanos look like some weird eel-fish thing so i think it's possible to have a different model for them that fits certain themes more (Sand demon etc )
  11. Going mad with app builds. Full fireball or full lightning tower builds are now viable and a lot of fun :)
  12. Actually that's no longer the case: * Enraged Enemies now only add Aggro from other Enemies, not from anything else (Players, Towers, etc) -- making them much more likely to attack the other enemies when Enrage Auras are placed near Towers Enrage auras just in front of your towers are pretty awesome now, though i'm not sure if sharken can be enraged too.
  13. http://ddplanner.com/?l=4342,ruskys-poonless-mm-nm-hc-alch-lab-25 From description: [quote] 1) Heroes and stats: Aura Monk with good tower buff and high hp and general resist (active): 1k/800/1k/800 81% general resist on NM 60k hp Tower App: 500/1.4k/300/600 Wall/Buff EV: 1k/700/450/350 2) Setup: Auras are stacked, but i moved them so you can see them better in the layout. No electric at the back. Placement of fireballs is important. The 2 outermost ones on both sides need to each have half of the inner stairs where the side spider spawns in view (helps kill the spider and djinn the odd DEW). Rest should be placed with as much overlap as possible. 4 on one side, 5 on the other, 4 facing back 5 facing front. If placed right, a single 4 DU buff beam can be used on either side buffing both the towers and the auras. 3) Tactics: Upgrade everything to 3 star then stand in front of crystal and spam tower buff. [/quote] This build got me to my first giraffe, on the latest patch (7.30d). I don't have amazing stats but it turned out to be fairly easy, only having the back left wall drop off on the 25th wave for some reason, but still finished. Heroes needed: app/ev/monk. More info in decription.
  14. Well, you have to get into later waves of survival for the insane loot to get better than than old campaign survival NM. So the queen shouldn't really be an issue for loot farming :P Essentially Waves 16+ Misty on insane gives better loot than 21-25 on NM magus. 21-25 on Misty insane gives better loot than most old campaign maps on NM at all. Each map up the ladder always increases it's loot threshold. Alot of people seem to think that NM deeper well automatically gives better loot than Insane anything-else just because trans can drop there. This isn't true at all. The trans that DO drop there are generally going to be terrible unless you get massively lucky. And I'm not even sure that it's possible then. So I was curious to see if this was true and I went and did a quick run in MM HC Insane Misty up to wave 22 (was getting tired and results were unfortunate to say the least). This is the best item that dropped, during wave 22 http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/540674234311166425/630A5F5D85A49DA6346A96A77A4B4274DC803D14/ Most items were still godly even at wave 21+, with even the odd "Amazing" >.> Nothing that dropped could compare or be considered an upgrade to my gear in any way, most of which was obtained running NM Magus (Tower Attack ~1300, Speed ~700, Range 350, Health 650). On NM Magus after wave ~15 every single item that dropped was Mythic, usually with 50+ upgrades. After wave 20 items with 200 upgrades started appearing. So I am afraid your information is outdated and I maintain that progression in the game is **** :P
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