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  1. Patch is usually around 11 EDT, isn't it?
  2. Lost nearly all my shards. Great job on this update, trendy. Bravo.
  3. For me, the crits start as soon as I swap back to EV after swapping to another hero. Doesn't matter if it's in tavern or in combat on a map. After that, it works fine even if EV is removed from the deck.
  4. Swap to another hero then swap back to ev; they will start to crit. It's annoying, but it works. The empowered flame shard procs for flamethrowers also won't crit until you swap to another hero and back. Not sure if anything else if affected since I got bored while testing.
  5. So, it's not just me. Good to know. Not sure if it's a bug or intended based off the changes with dspeed... *sigh* Speed change is intended; they went through and set every tower (at least, every one I checked) to 4,000 speed scalar baseline. The range issue though....
  6. My SGT lost about 60k DPS. I also don't run def rate on it, I also don't have range shard for it, pure gambit. Watch your SGT when flyers are coming out, it doesn't attack them when they enter the range indicator of the SGT. But maybe it's a range gambit issue and you don't have the problem since you have range shard. I'm using both gambit and shard and it's still waiting til they're very close to attack
  7. Haven't watched mine closely cause I've been focused on testing other things, but I'll watch em in a bit to check. Edit: tested it, and they definitely do not utilize their full range. I've seen flyers get almost on top of them before attacking
  8. Yep, figured this out earlier. Same thing happens with the empowered flame shard for flamethrowers. The flame procs won't crit until you swap to another hero and then swap back.
  9. They definitely do not crit now, but the tooltip shows 30%. It's nice that they scale past .75s speed though. It's the only defense i've tested that doesn't crit.
  10. Well, DCD is better than DP, however, if you're going to use a Relic without DH, and Power Transfer, and Defense Crit Damage shard, then the Medallion with DCD & DS is actually a little better than the Mark with DP & DS. Obviously. I would if I had one. Earthshatter with the same setup: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898527621
  11. This. Getting some crazy dps on my ramsters with a crit/speed medallion with power transfer, def crit damage, and def rate. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898490207
  12. The gambit itself was never broken. 1,500 was just near useless compared to the ramster base scalar of 25,000. Base scalar is now 6,250, so the gambit is a 24% increase when maxed.
  13. You do realize fire aura has been capped to 8 for awhile, yeah? 10 is a buff
  14. I second this. I haven't played in almost 2 weeks and I have no desire to. I MIGHT try this week's patch...maybe.
  15. what ascention are you? 430 something I think. I haven't played in almost 2 weeks, so I forget.
  16. I have several of each. I have yet to get a totem with 60, though.
  17. I suppose some highly geared players might be looking for shards and stuff but I get them like 1 in 10 games :/ I have never met player D or F before to be completely honest. at least not in Chaos difficulty. As for player E, they do exist but are far less common as compared to the other players I mentioned I'm an example of Player E. I saw D and F FAR too often. If I farm something below c5, I always do it in public so that others can benefit from it. It doesn't affect my efficiency too much as long as people G up in a timely manner. One Player G pissed me off so much that I would sell
  18. You forgot a few: Player D: the guy that's mid-campaign geared but insists on building useless defenses far behind your killzones/walls where mobs will never reach Player E: the c5 geared player who is just there to carry and has a quick and efficient build to do so Player F: the lesser geared guy who insists on building a slow build instead of allowing Player E to do his thing Player G: the guy that insists his version of the defenses are better(they're not) and wastes time by not hitting G because you don't let him replace it.
  19. Except the stunlock can, and usually does for me, transfer to the second character and doesn't go away until you swap back or get jumped by another assassin. I haven't played in over a week because of this. Total AFK farming is not my thing and that's what this bug was forcing on me.
  20. The first one is reported and being investigated. The second bug I can't find on our bug site. I'll make sure QA is aware of the bug and try to escalate a fix. I posted a bug about this on the 19th https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/bug/1834/permanent-assassin-lockout
  21. It is not just a visual bug; blaze balloon tick rate changed by .01 and lost the extra tick, lsa tick rate changed by .01 and is definitely over half a second slower, etc etc. Makes all my old gear pretty much worthless.
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