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  1. I smell angry ex-gf It would be easy recover if she did that :D
  2. The worst thing is that my e-mail was compromised and he/she has switched the password and the e-mail. I didn't click any links or add friends. I contacted Steam Support as soon as possible but still no information. That was 14 days ago. I provided them credit card and PayPal transaction, CD-keys, pictures, ID card and so on... A friend of mine has talked to the thief and he/she has told him that he will return the account to me when he is bored. For god sake, I have 200 games. How he can be bored? :D
  3. I am so sad. My Steam account was stolen and now I cannot play the update. Cannot see the new things added. And the worst of all is that Steam Support is doing nothing :(
  4. That's what I say. No one knows until you try. I beat the minimum requirements but I still have lag spikes in some points in-game. But the game is still Early Access. It's too early to talk about optimization. My specs are: Intel core i3 370m 2.4ghz ATI Radeon HD5650 1gb (overclock) 4gb 1333mhz RAM (soon upgrade to 8gb) Samsung EVO 120gb SSD Windows 8.1 x64
  5. Actually, the game supports my resolution but there is a problem in Main menu. As you can see in the screenshot below, the black rectangles cut the resolution so I cannot see the Exit button. In-game I don't have problems. I know the monitor is old but still I don't have problems with other games. Monitor specs: Samsung Syncmaster 931bf 19" 1280x1024 60hz 5:4 Screenshot p.s. The Forge cuts the resolutions too - screenshot
  6. Probably not. But may be on low graphics with around 20 fps. Your CPU is slower than the game's minimum requirements. But the most important is the GPU unless the game is not optimized. Remember that DD2 is still in Alpha so I don't think is well optimized. Your GPU is almost equal to the HD2600. My suggestion is to try with friend's account who got the game. That's the difference between the PCs and Consoles - when a game is developing, developers is optimizing very easy to consoles because of their hardware - it is the same, but for PCs is other story - PCs have different hardware and is har
  7. - Playverse Username - RyderBG - One Sentence Bug Description - Item disappear when overequip - Step by Step Instructions Go to Tavern Open Inventory Equip an item on occupied slot - Media - first and second - Further Details - It happens every time when I want to equip a new item on a slot that already has an item.
  8. I still think the game is dead. All of my friends quit it because they grew up so much and there is nothing to do. Now I try to find a game on a map I need, but no one plays it anymore. May be my region is dead, I don't know, but I miss the days when I played DD non-stop (24/7). Playing survival, while I'm sleeping. Selling items, while I am at university. Thinking about the game, while I do my exams. It was awesome but not anymore. I think, the game needs more updates, at least 1 in a month with new heroes, items, pets, maps and other general stuff, like better item-shop searching, giving pos
  9. What the picture of the digest means? A new map for Dungeon Defenders? Open world or just for a vision? I don't think so. I think there is a secret. May be a hint for the future of the game or picture of someone's holiday. But what? Ahhh! It is hard to me. Let's your imagination start working...
  10. I just bought a new shield but the Countess is holding it strangely. I think it is a bug cause the shield has a grip on the back side. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=116925219
  11. NEW PET ME WANT. tell us what it is now. :( can't wait :( A stone.
  12. No spawning monster on Shipwreck Monster Fest.
  13. Where it drops? Where I can find it? I know that the retris drop in assault pack 1.
  14. Hey, guys. Today I found a Supreme Retribution on a shop floor. I'm not sure is legitimate. What are you think about that?
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