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  1. Shirley got banned lmao Anyway, GL dealyn, u r obsessed wit pvp heh
  2. It feels like I've frozen on every map so far lol.. try maybe a weapon with less animation? (Ie instead of a shai, a blasticus?)
  3. Is that a yes edo? Man I thought the sarcasm was virtually oozing outta my comment.. gotta work on that.. but that is a no, bro.. try asking nicely and not making it seem like we're doing YOU a favor, your majesty.
  4. Awesome event! Castiel was a great host and definitely got me excited for more to come!
  5. You can't level yourself? ^lol but he "asked" so nicely and said please and everything.. who can resist? Piggybacker alert!
  6. For all you who hate freezing this is what Hit just said!!!:) But.. the freezing and I feel like old friends.. I remember I used to get so pissed the first few times lol.. now I just shake my head and turn on netflix =/ godspeed, patch
  7. Mentioned nothing about freezing in my post. Literally nothing. More details would help, like how the save got deleted, since you said, literally, nothing about freezing up. I understand it's frustrating as hell but being defensive ain't gonna get you anywhere, sir.
  8. Had a great time.. exp doesn't hurt either =)))
  9. Instead of telling hosts to not make public games, how about just NOT JOIN public games.. problem solved, no room wasted on forums.. if not, and this is for your mental health now, we have to realize it's part of the "online exp." and take the good with the bad (lil kids with high pitched voices, modders, lil kids, lol).. don't flame me please
  10. The hidden multiplier is "Lag x 5.5"
  11. "Teamwork" x3 makes it go A LOT faster (i.e. lettin ppl know if lamps are in their area, helping out if someone's spawn gets slammed, repairing, etc.) It's possible to finish in about 20 to 25 (I know, still a long game..)
  12. Its pretty random everywhere.. but it seems to me glitterhelm might be a solid bet if ur around lvl 70 (decent amt of chests, map not too difficult compared to dlcs)
  13. Tito picked bigbaboi's list up.. expect an invite from him, I believe..
  14. Thanks for taking over, Tito, and for your understanding when I couldn't pick up the pet.. had fun with a great host! Til next week!
  15. Yea I have the same host but haven't gotten an invite yet either..
  16. Has anyone gotten an invite from the host xBigBaboix today yet?
  17. i believe the host is only building the blockades, you have to build the magic missiles. i agree with you mostly though, i would have everyone use a huntress guardian, resistance and health armor, and if you cant do morrago just get a staff with high knockback to knock em into the lava or back down the stairs to buy some more time. Dang, I see where I made the mistake.. gotta respec.. thanks for the clarification
  18. So.. the HOSTS are building the towers.. at least we know they'll always have a decent app builder =) I was thinking: -huntress and app guardians for pets -resistance armor so we can aggro ogres, turning them away from the towers -high starting base undying rod (wave clearing better than concentrated oculus shot) Suggestions? Considerations? Either way, I can already imagine one helluva good time!
  19. I believe Classic22 had a thread with oodles of good info in there.. would link you but that'd be too easy now.. just look for the thread with over 27k hits
  20. Umm.. do u have ps+ and the dd save uploaded to cloud?
  21. please me and my friend got to 48 no glitches in der riese whootwhoot Was just stating facts and painting a picture.. I don't need to brag, unlike some little kids whose marbles have yet to touch the floor.
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