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  1. Stack on range then use Ballista and/or EarthShatter Tower. I get 6,559 ATK Range with my EarthShatter Tower, and it could be extended further, I don't use the small range sphere.
  2. He's burning a hole into the bar table from cleaning the same spot all of the time!
  3. Currently I have eight bags dedicated to Auto Collect with each of them set to filter by Rarity. Prior to the Auto collect change, the top two bags would get all of the Legendary and Mythic loot at the end of the game. Now I have Legendary, Mythic, Rare, Magical, Normal, Eggs, Pet supplies, etc in every one of my Auto Collect bags. Would be nice if we could have all Auto Collect bags act as one bag in term of sorting.
  4. For most part the game font is easy to read except the following: Defense Limit Counter (Tiny white font with thin black border is hard to read front of yellow/green background) Health bar text (Same as above, and font is squished and difficult to read) Scrolling damage text (Solid color with no border and overlapping)Character stats (Need wider box to fit large numbers and decimals.)  That is all I have for now.
  5. I know it's not officially supported but I would love to see it being supported someday. I run triple screen and it's a pain when my cursor starts at the top left corner of the screen every time I open my inventory or war table and the like. I'll like to see the cursor being centered instead of top left corner every time.We could use some adjustable UI. Maybe like two arrows on the side and let us drag the arrow so we can centralize the UI onto the middle screen.Have the game read desktop resolution and add that resolution in game display resolution drop down menu. That way those who use custom resolution due to bezel compensation are able to select the proper resolution.I will add more when I think of something else.
  6. I run triple screen and it's a pain when my cursor starts at the top left corner of the screen every time I open my inventory or war table and the like. I propose to set mouse location to the center by default or at least give us the option to do so.
  7. Totally different thing! We are talking about the EQUIPPED Hero slots not LIST of Hero slots. I would actually be willing to pay for another equipped hero slot through.
  8. Oh? I didn't play around that time. I guess I cannot really complain. It's ust a nuisance I thought others would feel the same way.
  9. I know we only have four hero class, so it kinda make sense to have four equipped hero slots. However some of us have four hero dedicated to defense. Wouldn't it be nice to have 5th slot for a favorite DPS hero? Feel free to expand this idea, I do have several ideas but I'm trying to keeping it simple.
  10. I only had to get SIX more skeleton special to complete it. 35/35/10 is not significant enough, I would rather kill myself than spend more time in incursion. FML
  11. Only had 6 more skeleton to kill, please tell us that we aren't screwed...
  12. TWENTY mob left in the 7th wave on my best Nightmare 4 Liferoot Forest game by far. And game shut down... What the actual fudge? 
  13. While normal mob do de-spawn after short while, boss on other hand do not. It ruins the game for those involved. It's the same story with DD1. I propose an button to unstuck them (forcing them out of the spawn area.) Or maybe if they are stuck in there, have them automatically removed or placed elsewhere. 
  14. Currently I do not pick up anything and let auto collect take care of it at the end of each game. But as the game get harder, more loot drops. This is a problem because it means more view are obstructed by the light beam on each items. I propose to have the game auto collect the items every wave rather than the end of the game.
  15. Thank you for giving option to remove weapon in first person mode. Huge weapon was getting really annoying/blinding. HOWEVER the weapon aura still remain even with weapon toggled off. Please look into this, thanks!
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