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  1. Sorry if this has been answered but I've looked for hours and haven't found the solid info anywhere. I played this game when it first came out on android and it was a ton of fun and an amazing game but the controls were a bit too much for me to get used to on a mobile device with touchscreen, just didn't do the game justice. So i shelved it for a bit but id like to pick it up and give it another go. 1. If i purchase this through the bundle i know it comes with the linux version too but what about the PS3 version? id like to be able to play on both seeing as how i spend equal time on t
  2. Great idea, but it's not in the scope of what we could currently do with the game. I do not believe this. The game already gives rewards for completing maps. Therefore it could give tokens for finishing maps if you really wanted it to. The game also supports "item turn-ins". Remember that pos easter event where we had to collect eggs for a costume!? The only problem i see is the lack of support from TE now for this game..
  3. actually kicked the term off from wow... dps is a spec in wow and wow was the first mmorpg that kicked off its brand of genre. All games after wow with the term "dps" has just carried on from wow. Now don't tell me wow sucks and that it didn't originate from wow... because its annoying when people say it didn't come from something just because they don't like the game. I personally think the game is fun, just got a little boring after such a long time of playing it. Uhm, Everquest came out five years before WoW, and was the first 3d MMO, and we were using the term DPS. ANd 2 years before
  4. I sold one humongous egg for 8 billion mana.
  5. Infact I hardly see the place for pure dps in this game at all. (aside from not crystal missions/challenges) Which incase misunderstood, I'd like to say I am not suggesting that the barbarian is better than the monk in general. But is better solely as a dps class. I take it you've never had 7 or more ogres with 60 mil hp stacked up on one wall while more just keep pouring in....
  6. Yours is a commonly used argument, but sadly, that's not how things work in this world. Games are fundamentally, as the name implies, made for gamers. Not for game developers. And we have every right to criticize them regardless of whether we paid for them, were given them for free, or even just saw them being played on a friend's monitor. Because if we - the gamers - don't have the right to criticize games, then who does? And it's not that we don't like those games or hate them. If I didn't like DD, do you think I would have bothered spending half a night writing a post about it?
  7. dude shut up once u reach a sertan part of the game witch i don't have u have, based on that comment you will understand but untill then il let you get to grips with the game...... people have items on the floor to show off for sale or trade, some people need the space... some people like to keep items but dont want it to clutter there box.. if any one is stupid its you and your stupid comment..... based on what you said you sound like a person who goes around looking for this this because you cant get your own stuff. If anyone else had problems reading this like me here's hi
  8. I know exactly what this map needs... 1) gob choppers need a reduction on thier attack speed! Something like 25-33% reduction in how fast they fire thier missiles. I've seeen 3-5 choppers a ta time hovering at the top of the map, each spamming a non-stop stream of missiles, usually theres 7-10 missiles on the way down for each gob chopper. The damage they do is fine, its the rate that they do it at, and that thier missiles follow you which makes it near impossible to do anything(repair, heal upgrade, build) once they start missile spam. 2) more DU. Yes i know about the +10 DU tile, but it'
  9. DO you leave your most important and expensive items on the floor of your house? No? Then why do you do it in a game? Theres a reason we have a bank.
  10. I remember when Djinn came out. I remember at the end of every survival wave, on every map, the last 100-400 mobs were nothing but Ogres and Djinns. I remember doing Misty, only on wave 13, with 150 mobs to go, and they were all Djinn, 6 out at a time, everytime you kill one another comes one after another after another. With low stats(which i had at the time) just finishing the last 150 mobs could take damn near an hour. And we didn't have minions. We also didn't have buff beams or EV walls so we had to use barricades or bouncers everywhere. We also didn't have Supreme's or Ultimates y
  11. Originally Posted by Zen00 I had that same issue with copters today. Was playing with someone and the copters would hover higher than I could see, even on maximum view distance. Then they spammed missiles down on us and killed everyone from too high to do anything about. Thank you for everyone who reported this issue. We are looking into this as it can be quite game ruining when they decide to do this. The choppers come in from two places, lower left, and upper right. The Upper right(NE) choppers seem to land on the ramp between the two levels and tend to stay at a level that they can b
  12. So Nightmare is difficult. Have you tried Insane? Anyone? Have you read the post above yours? lol
  13. Yeah i'm getting it straight from the head honcho : http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?74704-The-King-s-Game-and-its-state-of-balance.&p=604778&viewfull=1[[1628,hashtags]] same here-- http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?74704-The-King-s-Game-and-its-state-of-balance. seems we have the same source......
  14. [QUOTE]The King's Game is meant to be difficult, but not as difficult as the previous maps. Fundamentally, the map is easier even structurally. The rewards are intended to be quite good, but not a joke (no pun intended) to get. We want players who have had trouble clearing some of the previous maps (especially the shards maps) a chance to get that extra push in gear to put them over the hill. In the coming patch we will be increasing the enemy difficulty of the map, but for those having trouble on Nightmare as is, this should not be another brick wall. The quality of the rewards, although g
  15. Reduced Goblin Copter floating height by 33%, enabling melee characters to more easily hit them Did they choppers height get decreaded? Because it sure seems to me that on kings game at least, they're flying even higher up than they were before. I used to be able to use tornado stance, and could *almost* jump high enough for my to hit them. Now with tornado stance, theres no way my pet can hit them, and my archer minions are even out of range even with the choppers hovering directly above them at times. Hey i just saw you, and this is crazy, But here's my sword, So fly to me, ma
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