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  1. As I have ranted about kicking issues in almost every other post, I thought I would be more direct about it here. I have eight characters. Five tower builders and three DPS characters. Each one has their respective important stat(s) up to an appropriate 1700 - 2000, with their semi-less relevant stats not too far behind. These numbers I believe are what makes and breaks someone's will to play this game, thus my reasoning; 1) I get kicked from just about every game I join, and almost 100% of all survival based ones, and I assume people with numbers similar to mine are having the sam
  2. Basically this is one of the great choking points as far as I'm concerned. I have very similar stats to your main builder, but higher stats on my Aura, Trap, EV and Apprentice characters. Survival NMHC Aquanos seems to be a really bad joke for me. I've tried many-a-builds (my own and popular ones) and cannot seem to get past wave 13 or 14. I'm lucky to find one semi-ok upgrade every couple of runs. It seems my best bet was to run Kandar's popular Mistymire NMHC Survival layout. At wave 20, I was completely obliterated, however during waves 17-19 I managed to grab some decent things w
  3. Here's a good question. Is there any way to stop a charging sharken besides outright killing one? I would assume EVs shock beams might. And I think I might have heard something about proxies as well. Also I'm pretty sure not all players have an EV. Instead of focusing on monsters here, how about more focusing on the characters themselves? I think tons of work needs to be less directed at mobs and to what we actually play with. Some players may not be able to invest into all the DLC offered. One character class should not make or break a game, however with sharken introduced it's a to
  4. With the new patch and how enemies are spawning, three games in a row of Oasis Monster Fest have had monsters clog so bad I can't kill enough to unclog it until it's too late. Things are on top of each other. Ogres are on top of Koblds and neither can move. Djinns on top of Ogres. And Wyverns flying around in circles near their own spawn. Or i'm just extremely unlucky. Hard to tell.
  5. Oh noes, people will have to cooperate and use defenses from more than one class! I can't solo the hardest levels in the game anymore! I can't sleep through survival! Give it up, the main problem is just that squires have had it too easy. Sharken need a bit of balancing but they haven't destroyed the game. You are ignoring some of the meta-game here. Perhaps your characters are decently strong and you haven't considered the kicking issues in a while. People aren't going to cooperate unless they all share high stats. The choke points of getting better gear has become near impossible to
  6. Well, so much for soloing games. One major issue I am having are when ogres and sharks appear near each other and tower defenses focus on the ogres, allowing the shark to ruin my day. And apparently it doesn't matter too much if I have ensnare and/or gas traps, they seem to get through, despite my reasonably high stats. Just my current thought. Edit: As I went back and read some other comments, someone mentioned their idea of a solution using the character swap between waves. For myself, that doesn't seem to work out so well. I have 6 characters and it really doesn't matter what k
  7. I was fooling around Solo on Foundries & Forges-Nightmare-Hardcore-Survival-Mixed Mode and started Wave 8 or 9. I looked in the bottom right hand corner to see how much mana I had collected from the auto-sell type deal. I couldn't believe my eyes when it said I had just made over 200,000,000 mana. I have no idea how in the world it could have happened. My guess is that something had either bugged out, or I just missed some sort of incredibly rare item. Anyone have any input?
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