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  1. got my range shard in the 3rd or 4th c1-map, but nothing else since (lvl34 now) also got no other usefull shards so far just got a 2nd range one on asc 38 :)
  2. that. you can farm as much xp as you want, pets only gain affection from waves beaten. The fastest way to level pets was usually harbinger
  3. you would need 5 t1-shards to get a t2, 25 t1-shards to pick a t2-shard and over 3000 t1 shards to get one of the highest tier (currently c5) so yeah. i can't imagine someone playing 1000-1500 campaign-games to get a endgame shard
  4. You'll end up with quite a lot useless shards right now, but not the ones you want the most. My suggestions are make them stackmake different tiers (panic fire and other stuff is t1, range t2 and so on) and 5 shards of a lower tier will combine to one shards of a higher tier when you spin the wheel orwith 5 shards of the same tier (and some gold) you can pick a shard of the same tier Edit Part 2: with the salvaged shards, you'll get a new type of currency (sharddust? dunno, you'll come up with something cool). You can use that currency to buy your desired shards in the shop in addition to gol
  5. well i can't trade it right now. maybe next year around the 4th
  6. it was a close race between those 3 but in the end the middle one won with mindblowing 23 kills
  7. i'd like to auction some items. the set is capping trans, everything can be worn with lvl 78 and i'm only selling one of the drills (write which one you want) i'm accepting coal and the auction runs until tuesday 27th dec, 8pm GMT http://imgur.com/a/eHKgh I reserve to not sell them if i'm not satisfied with the last bid.
  8. no i won't sell them to you. i can give you some coal if they aren't worth that much. i only need 4 more for a full set
  9. I'm also in http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197976321706/
  10. hi i'd like to know if my items are worth something or what stats they need to have to be considered good (especially the cats, i have no idea what those stats mean and where they cap) http://imgur.com/a/7VxQV
  11. i'd also like to get some coal got a shield with all neg stats if you want it
  12. i tried it at w20 and this is what i came up with http://imgur.com/a/ECaxr first i had walls everywhere but they went down so fast, i replaced them with traps. you might get rid of the other walls. gear of my builders is capping trans. hope it helps and gl so i made it to w30 nmhcmm with 1 char. i would do 2 poons at the south now and move the mage a bit away from the crystal because splash almost killed the crystal. everything else worked
  13. i want to do some lab assault, since i want some items too, my rates are 20 runs with 4 chars: 15coal 20 runs with 3 chars: 9coal 20 runs with 2 chars: 5coal doing 20 at once and for sale are 60runs. Timezone is UTC+1 and i'm availible at roughly 8 p.m. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197976321706
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