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  1. Am I the only one who lost their gems after the patch?
  2. As a huge loot/stats collector it would be a huge disappointment to see event items with ridiculous stat numbers. Its really unfair for the people who actually farm their stuff. a lot of hours will be put to farming and seeing someone get a better item off of a medium difficulty event (which probably was more fun) is really "annoying" and lets face it, not everyone can take part in these events. That doesnt mean the event items cant be visually great, except they will probably sell visual upgrades such as skins for real money so I dont know :/
  3. Well the op was the one who mentioned his girlfriend (which was stream related somehow), and there was a cat meowing in his stream so it's all about his stream. And i think we are allowed to go off topic now and then :P Didn't you win a council seat in the last blog? How come you're not a councillor? Yes I did win a code and I'm really surprised you even noticed it :D The people have been in PAX so I assume they haven't had the chance to make me a Defense Councillor yet. I missed last weekends pre-alpha test :( AHH darn now I'm spamming this thread too...
  4. Awesome except I won't be home to play for 8hours. College classes and then work straight after :( -Vys Not to be rude or anything but do everyone in this forum need to see this conversation? Why do you keep on bumping this thread like its a chat? The title is about a stream (which I have not yet seen myself :/ ) but you are talking about kitties and girlfriends..
  5. You have 6k stats but you don't know where to farm armor. I'm really confused... Why would you even want better stats? I stopped at 5k because I can handle any map with it just fine
  6. I agree. I just hate how many people only finish the campaign when theres so much stuff to do on higher difficulties and survival modes
  7. Why not just upgrade the video card and get more RAM? Or is it a laptop?
  8. What if I or one of my friends wants to play with a dps hero that has nothing useful to build? Whats wrong with 1 player building everything?
  9. 1. I really like the fact that you can upgrade the projectile amount, speed, reload speed and shots per second. I also like the big variety of different weapons: Grenade lauchers Crossbows, Spider web guns, AoE guns, rifles, Pawn shots, Stone throwers, card throwing polearms and last but not least, The Mighty Chicken Gun Of Distruction which still makes me laugh ;) On both staffs and guns you did a great job on the shooting effects. It kept me searching for new weapons and testing them out. I still remember how my friend kept equipping new guns constantly because he was so excited to see what
  10. Jester will give you the benefit to join public games. Summoner give you the benefit to do solo, but with out a Jester you will have a hard time defeating the boss in some maps. Please tell me, in which boss do you use a jester? He is the fastest upgrading character but I would suggest getting the summoner and also, a monk for upgrading. His boosts make it ridiculously easy to upgrade and hold your defenses at the same time
  11. To keep others happy too, they should add better audio settings where you can customize everything. Same with video too. Unreal 3 has a lot of settings to lower the quality and get better performance. Im sure that would help out the people who have low end computers or laptops.(I assume they still use the Unreal engine?)
  12. Hardcore or HC means that you wont respawn during a combat wave if you die. Hardcore gives you better loot and more exp. Do you have any dlc characters?
  13. This must be a joke. If not, then really sad. In my case 1 set would probably take at least 100 hours on kg or lab assault.
  14. Sniff SNiff, I would think you would know some that do Bud. I had one in a full ult set until I gave it all away. LOL. I quit using a countess in like January. LOL. Camp, If you ever come to PC, I will come out of retirement just to show ya the ropes. Really, Oli is way behind if he had someone power him. 2. 25 td runs gets ya to 78. If I remember correctly 4 hits 83. 9 to get to 90. Then it slows down a bit. If you set the build up right, you can average 43 mill xp a run in about 18 minutes. ") Are you talking about Survival or regular? Survival is a waste of time
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