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  1. Change mine to "I think the hero deck should be reduced to 3 heroes"
  2. I wasn't aware that taking out completely broken mechanics was akin to being "anal" about balance. The DP scaling adjustments in the last few patches has been the first steps that they've taken in an attempt to actually number balance the game.
  3. Wait a second, is this actually what you think? You look at DD2 over the past (nearly) year and think that Trendy is "anal" about balance?
  4. Obvious answer is obvious. It's not like the only reason people have a problem with the hero deck is because it's not something that was in DD1, but probably should have been.
  5. We're specifically talking about the groups of players who solo endgame and are either for the Hero Deck or against the Hero Deck. Any reference to players that only have 1 character is moot because the Hero Deck doesn't even interact with them. Let alone the fact that if you only have 1 "DPS" character, you sure as hell aren't soloing anything. A large majority of players likely haven't gotten to level 50 either. This is a discussion about a change that will only affect a small number of people either way. By my logic, A player needs to have 4 level 50 Heroes to progress through Nightmare sol
  6. So going based off the data we have(14.91% of influence votes during influence week feeling that changing the Hero Deck is more important than other improvements/changes), there is a small part of the community that desperately wants the Hero Deck removed entirely because they feel like their "freedom" to play how they want is being marginalized. If the Hero Deck were to be removed though, that makes it so that every player is then required to go and make/level/gear up every possible Hero variation to get to the point where they feel they can compete and be "useful". The gaming environment tha
  7. The build passives are specifically non-white text. The build passive idea is not as inherently evil as many people seem to be painting it. It's not quite done, just like Ubers, but it can become something good. If Trendy stops now after they put in the first 4 it will end up as big of a joke as the Ubers are. Loot updates need to come out to support the builds and more builds need to be added. When there are enough builds for each hero types that you can not have them all together, that's where you will find where the players can start creating their own strategies. There will still be the
  8. Comparing the current state of DD2 to a game like League of Legends is incredibly silly. League has an extremely long list of complex angles to look at when making balance changes or concept changes to characters. DD2 currently has a very limited list of things you can "customize". Bring this argument back when the game is 4 years released and there is a larger variety in builds. your argument at this point would equate to "stop developing the game"
  9. Probably on ramparts since the boss spawns wave 1 and gives loot. Doing the same type of cheese as ever to stall other lanes while the boss lane goes down.
  10. short answer is they based the enemy levels (meaning their hp and damage) off of the Ipower requirements for the maps. putting it up to 1000 got the enemies to where they wanted them balance-wise.
  11. Why were Explosive Trap and Elemental Chaos nerfed a second time since L&S instead of fixing the upgrade scaling on 20 DU defenses?
  12. "stop the kiddie nonsense" thread started with whining?
  13. I think the intention in NM4 is to have it hard enough that you have to be extremely skilled to carry someone that is not contributing to the defense through it. It was confirmed in the devstream that there will be a shift from 2 brackets to 4 in terms of party difficulty, along with the best gear coming off of the more complex maps. If we take that to mean that the 6 lane spread maps will be the highest tier of drops then it may become somewhat difficult to carry anyone. Unfortunately there will likely be numerous ways to cheese this numerical difficulty. But if these collections of overtuned
  14. It doesn't affect solo players whatsoever. If you want to know what someone's dps for a given tower is then ask them. End of "discussion". Oh no, people have to actually communicate with each other a little bit more than if we had better tooltips. Such negative on social elements. The extent of "social elements" I see in most random matches is "I build", "gib me manaz", and unnecessary berating of any choices the anyone makes.
  15. on the devstream they said that it'll start with the patch on thursday
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