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  1. (1, 2, 3) Cool, will give that a go, yeah, 2 and 3 are tied together in a lot of ways. (4) Included in map by dragging into the map physically (e.g. like Gob Cupid on Sky o Love), or just dragged into the same folder/package in Content Browser? Thanx Al :D
  2. Have you tried our tutorials? Yeah, that got me started, pretty nifty lol I made a thread for the main questions at the moment ( http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?85227-Commish-s-Map-Question-Thread-lol&p=715029[[2121,hashtags]] ) so I don't clutter up the thread here, lolz
  3. Oh hey I think the biggest things currently, any help is appreciated -- (1) After I import a .tga, do I have to store the file in a custom folder that I have to make, or can I put it anywhere? I know in .NET you have to package files explicitly in order to link or embed them -- is it the same in UDK? (2) If I alter a weapon type, weapon template, etc., does that require a Total Conversion, or can I include that in a map? (I'm guessing this requires a TC) (3) Can you include custom skeletal meshes or edited DD skeletal meshes with maps? e.g. I edited a Goblin Battleship mesh in DDDK so I could use it as a weapon, LOL, can I use that mesh at all? (4) If I make a new character type, do I have to put the actual mesh in the level and edit the attributes from the instance? ...or can I make a custom enemy type and include that with the map? Thanksssssss :D
  4. lol thanx Josh I still need to figure out how to add: - Custom Textures - Music - Custom Meshes? - Custom Item Drops...? I want my Goblin Cupid Sword to work in Open! lol Anytime I try, I crash the kit. :(
  5. LOL oh man I did so badly in that contest LOL Beta access to the next project is pretty cool, though
  6. lol thx; barehugs -- Keen and I have been friends since High School and live about 10 min apart or so, lolz
  7. ~86 Baller Thanks to bundt for hosting with his empty tavern
  8. I remember beating it when there were 32 matches on the final wave X_X We also had a run where we got to 31/32 and lost to a random wyvern after a lag spike, lol I guess "it's not too bad" is equivalent to, "it used to be worse." It's OK and different, but I'm very bored with it, especially after several dozen runs through to finish others' achievement lists.
  9. Yeah, Old One requires pattern recognition as well as a bit of luck with glitch avoidance. Keep going and I'm sure you'll get it in the next attempt or few. One of the guys I played with this week also died mid-air in the top-to-bottom level transition...I think that may be a new glitch. :-z I have a thread with a lot of them that we've encountered.
  10. I think it'd require a Total Conversion as opposed to a Mod, but even so, I'm not sure how to package it yet. If I can get that info, I'd def put that out there.
  11. Also: you all might like -- Ancient Dragon Staff Turkey...shoots chickens for now, haven't made a custom turkey projectile yet Camel Staff LOL, probably should turn it around...maybe have it spit VALENTIR...probably should have changed the boss name's text, lol DRAGONTIR...it's funny, too, cuz he does similar animations to the original boss out of the box I probably should have taken pictures of this too, but I don't know how...I made a Goblin Battleship Gun...and the whole battleship hovers over you and casts a shadow on most of the level.
  12. What challenge are you thinking of ? :) Yeah i checked it out this weekend, it's very well build! Wouldn't mind voting for that on the map voting ;) Haha, yes! Sky o Love assault was going to be my map contest entry, but I found out from Trendy that it had to be an original map, so I high-tailed it to make Magic Platform Assault. I also tried to have Sky o Love assault give that Cupid sword, but it throws an error, likely cuz it's a diff item model and I don't know how to package that with the map.
  13. lol made this in DDDK a while back. This would be sweet as mess to get in-game, but I think it'd require a Total Conversion.
  14. If you farm Palantir, you can get ridiculo-fairies. I don't think Zamira the Godly Enchantress stacks up too well against a 4k fairy from Palantir.
  15. I think the crash is likely caused by an extreme lag spike caused by the Mana Bomb of an Apprentice anti-hero.... This happens in CD when an App, Adept, or Jester is in the game, as well.
  16. This week, it's the Halloween event (no Selda this week)
  17. Yep - and make sure it's trendyent and not trendy net. No guarantees on results, but they got back to me promptly this time with a reasonable attempt so far.
  18. Yeah... Was about to give a ringing endorsement, but can't yet. They said that they had restored those, and I was pretty excited, but when I went in-game an hour after they finished, still missing. I'm guessing they didn't save after fixing it? The other option is that I logged in too soon, but I waited about an hour after the notification of things being fixed. Ehh, I'm glad they're working on it and that they've been very kind, but yeah, attempt 1 fell a bit short. High hopes for try 2....
  19. Did map on NM twice, and NM achievement still has not unlocked. Normal one did. Same -- hotfix necessary?
  20. E-Cannons also are glitchy with their hitboxes. You have to fire above the target to actually hit on some maps (e.g. the Old One, middle level especially). Feels like an unintentional rifle IRL. E-Staffs <<<< Classics E-Spears turn Monks into boosting mini-squires But yea agreed -- they do look cool.
  21. A vast majority of the time, the weapons you get from CD NMHC are terrible...sometimes they're 'too good' and roll over with very good stats to 1/1, 1/3, 1/5, 1/6, etc. I've gotten all those from CD NMHC. I've gotten some really sick weapons on CD NM non-HC, but even there, it's very often Myth or low Trans in quality. The hope I had with Ult+ was that the upgrade amount would go over 304 base dmg increase per upgrade, but there's no change there. Still 304 per upgrade, so Steam Saws are still much dramatically better with any ability (Hawk/Blood Rage+CircSlice/etc.)
  22. Everything in the last session didn't save...and I'm back to the items I had like 2 days ago...so many less cubes, and also lost a Stieglitz and an Isom from the last two days. Another guy we ran through CD NMHC lost his reward and SL Squire skin, too. Anyone else get rolled back? Game-wise, that loss is pretty devastating to me. I'll send an email to Trendy, but ehh, I'm pretty bummed about this.
  23. Builder weps to consider, too -- Monk - Aqua Lance, Airship Rudder Huntress - E-Cannon, Pawn Shot Squire - Light Knight, Steam Saw, maybe E-Sword App - E-Spear if you're really lucky, Arronax/Tidal Staff
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