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  1. Yeah playa, keep in touch when you get a chance! Best wishes & God's blessings along your way. 2012 for lyfe. LOL
  2. Props for Trendy Friday Fun playing that Uber Old One map (Mischief's map), that was fun to watch. We played that a few days back, and the map is hilarious. Here's the video... (and I put music over it to drown out whatever weird convo was going on, I think we had 8 people on a Skype call that recorded)
  3. Yep, that was me, lol Ogre Crush is really extreme. My build is really complex (0 DU and 0 MU).
  4. Same, most of the times, people lag out and then either wake up dead OR disconnect
  5. Was this map supposed to be the new CD? Turkeys = "New One"? :(
  6. Also I tried to beat Commish's time. I did. 5 seconds. flat. Too bad I didn't get any towers down and totally lost the wave. I'll crown Commish King of the Aquanos Speed Run. :) LOL I think you could crush this time if you just put buff beams down, maybe auras, switched to summoner, started wave, and put minions on the buffs during wave...might take some +/-, not sure it'd be possible to do cold with just buffs, but maybe a few minions and then start...prob would work fine.
  7. Everyone should build like this, LOL 1m40s build time:
  8. Updated with a little more info. Got build time down to about 2m15s with Jester move during wave... (see first post) LOL EDIT: 1m40s now Uploading video
  9. Mana bomb at 2400 on App, does OK job every 30 sec, but not great Edit: 45sec?
  10. Purity bomb is supposed to only effect 'dark' types of mob (i.e. mage, elf warrior, ...). I am surprised it worked on the turkeys from 1. Hmmm... I guess the turkeys from 1 were dark meat, and the ones from 2 are white meat. Could it be a pun that bad? Sent using Tapatalk lol, even with 800 purity bomb, Keen and I were wiping out over 100 at a time on Turkey 1. 3000+ is lol
  11. AOE... Finally a use for mana bomb! Sent using Tapatalk I just tried a 3000+ Purity Bomb Adept, which wipes out the whole map of turkeys easily on Great Turkey Hunt (1), just makes everything flash red and nothing dies on 2. I may try this with an App later.
  12. 6-player scaling -- do Turkeys spawn fast enough to win? We didn't have enough Turkeys on the map and ended up 200 short on wave 9 on a 6-p run.
  13. Build (0:58): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d3Ea_ij07I&t=0m58s Upgrading (6:20): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d3Ea_ij07I&t=6m20s Bosses (22:36): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d3Ea_ij07I&t=22m36s Stats at time of video: Countess - 1.8k HP, 4.3k Dmg, 1.4k Radius, 3k Rate (Harps) EV - 3.6k HP, 4.5k Dmg, x, x (Buff-Reflect-Proton) Traptress - 2.6k HP, 4.3k Dmg, 2.7k Radius, 1.8k Rate (only used Gas) Auras - 1.8k HP, 3.9k Dmg, 2.2k Radius, 2.6k Rate (Ensnare-Elec-StrDrain) Build Note: You can put this down quickly and dump some archers down extra if you have Summoner. I use 0 MU on this. Boss Note: If you have a Monk & Barb combo, or even better, a Monk & Barb & Jester combo during the boss wave, it makes it infinitely easier. Cupid was a little ornery on this run.
  14. Enjoy the break, Classic! It was very kind and sacrificial for you to do all you did as a volunteer, and I hope it'll be a fond memory for you as you look back, and maybe even a cool thing to have on a resume as you move forward. I never saw you in-game! Maybe I'll see you sometime there now that you've got less on your plate.
  15. X-Box controllers Yep, I got a wireless adapter for Xbox 360 controllers for NBA Live a while back, great investment (I think $12 on eBay?). So it works here too. Either wired or wireless+adapter works for physical controllers. I haven't tried a controller emulator, but that would likely work, too. Not sure what's supported/flagged by Steam/etc. on the emulators.
  16. Lol I never saw that. We gotta trade for that dps set soon :) my cube is waiting [[1565,hashtags]] Yep, lemme know when you're on
  17. Same as in first post; not my first time thru Aq30 by any means, but I wasn't expecting that build to be tenable through 30...more of a throwaway build.
  18. :( I just got through Wave 30 with this build and an Adept; ballin'
  19. You probably still could do this build, but maybe just put a quick layer of archers down behind it all? That should be quick/make it very doable. Edit: Ghost -- or you could just buff some minions and then build harps or app towers during the wave? You could prob honestly build this faster and equally well with Summoner.
  20. First post, updated. All my builders are wearing Trans and Myth armor, which is quite well more than enough.
  21. I'm also running this with my DPS Adept with no problems (she needs to level a bit, so may as well use the ~4 mil XP)
  22. DDPlanner: http://ddplanner.com/?l=13781,aquanos-seahorse-farming-under-10-minutes-by-commish Thanks to B33b3 for translating this build to DDPlanner Option 1: Intentional Build: Build takes about 2m45s on a good build, or if you use the second build option below, should take you about 2m or less. No summoner, just harps, gas, auras, and buffs. Slightly quicker approach (about 8m45s for entire run): Just put down harps in each location randomly, put down buffs and auras and traps in correct places, and then start wave with Jester and move the harps into place/on the buffs during the wave. Saves some time. See video here -- Option 2: LOL Build: If you are worried about builder stats and have summoner, you can dump down archers quickly, either buffed or not. If you just put buffed minions, you could put down minions on a buff beam and put your harps down during the wave with a countess/squire. (I'm of the opinion that Summoner is a lot more OP than an equal-stat Squire) Stats on Characters: All tower builders wearing Trans and Myth armor, PKob... Countess - 1.8k HP, 4.3k Dmg, 1.4k Radius, 3k Rate EV - 3.6k HP, 4.5k Dmg, x, x Traptress - 2.6k HP, 4.3k Dmg, 2.7k Radius, 1.8k Rate Auras - 1.8k HP, 3.9k Dmg, 2.2k Radius, 2.6k Rate May make a diagram soon, not sure. Pretty basic. Just plop stuff down and win!
  23. After finding it, I'm surprised you are able to set it free...
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