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  1. When you close the game and open again they lose connection to the textures, and as far as I know the modding guys don't know how to fix it =x so yeah... I can only take cute pics xD Yeah, that's definitely interesting. I'm wondering if there isn't another embedding option involved, but I think Akatiti ran into the same problem on Open. The Dragon Staff, Cupid Sword, etc. is working fine, but those use existing meshes already built into DD canon. I'll rack my brain in the next few days...
  2. lol needs upgrade to 777 [[2911,hashtags]] DAT
  3. 86 spots on tavern floor 330 in item box for Ult Defender 250 in shop ------ 666 total
  4. It's up to you as to what you do with 'em, but even so, there's some wisdom and tact in not posting threads like this so as not to polarize people against you when you sell them in the future.
  5. Hmm, can you tell us what it is? :D I'll give a hint... Its reflective properties are very useful for two characters in particular
  6. LOL yeah, lag was hilarious, but the item is pretty sweet
  7. Thanks for the help making the pig work btw xD :D lol glad it finally worked [[1594,hashtags]]
  8. Where did the pig come from! lol This has been a Sound-Commish production PIG IS GNARLY!
  9. Magic Platform Assault now rewards Dragon Staves :D I might have to switch it up a bit, though. Jesters don't hold the dragon the same way, and it looks messed up. Here's the App with it, though --
  10. haha thank you! I will link that in the first post.
  11. Edit: Magic Platform Assault now gives these out :D You may remember that I had about a dozen custom weapons that were working in Local, but not in Open. Thanks to Al & Nexus for their tip on creating child archetypes, I now have the Dragon Staff working in Open. Looks like Sky o Love Assault is probably going to get the Cupid Sword after all! ...though this will be a few days, family visits coming up. I'll try to get the map available for use in Open here shortly -- it's a bit difficult to get this item without controllers at the moment.
  12. lol I reformatted with Win 7 Pro two weeks ago, and first day back, we ran Setsuna through CD NMHC and were glitched out by an App Mana bomb.
  13. Feel free to bump my CD bugs/issues thread. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?79854-Crystalline-Dimension-Bugs-Issues&p=657160[[2194,hashtags]] Anything else to add, let me know. Keen and I both run top-end i7s that we built that don't crash on anything but DD, so I'm very sure it's not the computer specs that are the problem. DD often causes memory access violations, which can crash the game or the computer without notice.
  14. We featured this in yesterday's Weekly Workshop! :squire: haha nice!
  15. If you want to display the picture and have it clickable for full-size -- replace the { with [, etc. XXXXX is the url. {URL=XXXXX}{IMG}XXXXX{/IMG}{/URL}
  16. FB > Harp. End of story ;) :) In DPS, but if you use EV walls, piercing > splash when Ogres are up front and Sharken are right behind them. Minion walls, though? Yeah, FB towers are very useful if you don't mind a lower framerate, lol.
  17. Cool 100 Demon Lords please. 50 Ancient Dragons XD 100 Krakens, 100 Spider Queens, 100 Genie Kings, and 100 Goblin Battleships. Nightmare Hardcore. You have 10 minutes. GLHF. Oh, so you want this to be almost as hard as Turkey Hunt 2? LOL
  18. Any plans on making Section 2, 3 and boss gauntlet Survival-able? I think so. lol Boss Gauntlet Survival would be interesting, especially if it included Bosses each wave.
  19. Wow, I didn't know you could even enable Survival on CD. I guess you just have to enable the Survival button on any map after beating CD? Nah, CD has no Survival in Ranked yet. You can edit the maps in Open with DDDK. What Mischief did was edit the Kismet, boosted the first map to a max of wave 30, disabled the portal that appears after 14, and customized the mob and difficulty scaling on later waves.
  20. All Godly and Myth, LOL. No Trans the whole run.
  21. Mischief's map in the works... lol just needs a victory sequence and a custom pet
  22. ... going a little off-topic, sorry ut i have to O>o i believe that the games represent trendy projects. Dungeon Defenders says "game over" meaning it is done. Afterlife has an out of order panel on it meaning it is not working or they gave up on it. The legend of defenders is what i believe to be their next game as it is the only "working" arcade ^~^ Well, the arcade room was there before they came out with a few of the latest patches, so not quite Game Over completely yet. There's a video online of Jeremy saying that there will be a sequel to DD, but whether or not it'll be the next release (I think it'd be wise for it NOT to be the next release from a business standpoint) has yet to be made completely public. I just think it's a little confusing given the CD cutscene. It makes it seem as if there will be several Shards-esque adventures, but seems like no dice on that.
  23. lol arcade room inside the no-collision arcade machine
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