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  1. Join the group chat if you're ready to run and talk to a event host :) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PcCommunityEventsGroup ^ Today's the last day for the event, so if you haven't run, run with one of us today!
  2. Eternian Greatswords have much less Hawk than Steam Saws, so not best for Barb Eternian Spears are very good for melee, great for DPS Monk with good boost Eternian Energy Cannons are buggy in their hitbox in critical times (e.g. near non-existent splash makes spiders near invincible at times, Old One's stomach is rarely hit with an E-Cannon. Pawn Shot > E-Cannon on Old One) Eternian Staves are easily outdone by Classics. They look cool, but they are not nearly the boss-acquired weapons that they should be, probably with exception of the Spear.
  3. Time to beat Moraggo with nothing but Proton Beams!
  4. Thx, it's probably too late because I've been playing all night. I'll just have to live without Squawk for now. He was a good Chicken It's probably worth rolling back unless you got something >= value since, I'd send the email in case there's a possibility of recovery. Not 100% sure it will be, but ehh. Chickens are cool.
  5. I'd totally buy a Goblin Cupid plushie
  6. Very good genie -- what I'd do would be to upgrade Hero Damage to Max then throw the rest into Ability 2. 16k is great for base collection, I usually stop at 13k if it's under.
  7. Well, they were indeed on Ranked, haha. I know the guy they kicked for calling them out on hacking, and I'm a little bugged by their playing it off as if they're totally legit with their 10mil HP unupgraded App Towers, but whatever. I'd rather they just be honest. Hopefully some good publicity, even though I'm cringing at their builds, crystal-camping, etc. Oh well, other streams exist :)
  8. Want me to run you through CD, or better yet, help during boss?
  9. Think so -- was hoping it wouldn't since it already boosts speed like crazy
  10. Armor with Upgraded Resistances is the most important part (in the game) Those cut down damage up to 90% per damage type. For Assault, which character are you using? I have videos of all underdog-but-fast characters on Assault NMHC if you want to see path. I'll make a quick video on how to upgrade armor...
  11. 400 + 250 + 86 = 736 slots now. 41 to go!
  12. I thiiiiink 18.18%? Same w/ HP. Speed prob 9% slower than Tavkeep, def slightly slower (Throne Room race lol) I went from 921mil, but switched out an accessory, then went up to 1088mil. I could find the old acc, though. Health went from like 787 or something to 906
  13. lol I got an acc with -280 cast and -240 HP...tavkeep enjoyed it
  14. I get the logic here in part, but beating Old One with a Hybrid Countess builder would not be the best option. Having a ridiculous melee and/or boost character tears the game up for lyfe.
  15. Edit: We're hosting Polybius from now through Friday -- hit one of the event hosts up. Steam outages are a little spotty right now, but should be fine soon.
  16. How does the Goblin Mech not rust from hanging out in that waterfall?
  17. Currently in the DDDK there is a difficulty setting higher than Nightmare. Some may find it hard to believe but Nightmare is given a value of 4 (easy is 0 and so on). If a selection button was added for 'Max' then we could run the game at difficulty value 5. How cool would that be? No longer would end game players walk through maps so easily as making this existing difficulty available would mean a challenge for anyone. So what do we say? Release the hounds of war!!! If anyone is curious you can find the reference in DunDefHeroManager.uc from the DDDK. Search for 'enum EGameDifficulty' if you want to peruse the specifics. True; they could also extend the enum and add in a few more levels in between or in addition to MAX, but there are two current things missing for MAX implementation: (1) A way to get there (e.g. putting in the option button and code to launch in Lobby_Level) -- that can easily be done (2) Balancing factors (everything else has multipliers, I haven't seen any in MAX yet, so that would have to be tested and done, which would theoretically take longer to get done well)
  18. Just saw these on Steam, [[2912,hashtags]] Not So Silent Night You delivered Santa's goodies... and then took on the big man himself! Nightmare Not So Silent Night You delivered Santa's goodies... and then took on the big man himself... on Nightmare! Winter Wonderland You survived the onslaught of the Holiday Guardians! Nightmare Winter Wonderland You survived the onslaught of the Holiday Guardians... on Nightmare!
  19. We need a DanielSound Petz DLC. That would be awesome :) If you also put in a Cupid Goblin Sword and Oversized Pillow weapon in the game, that would be sickkkkk.
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