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  1. For all the groups who won on this one, big congrats. For all the groups who didn't during their run, always feel free to group up and take it on again outside of the events group. It's a pretty tough map overall, but more importantly, hopefully fun for you all.
  2. Final Bosses have way too much HP (800mil each) on NMHC We got through it, but we played with a team with ridic stats and very high game skill...not exactly fun by any means I also got accessories as a reward with horrible stats across the board, both unusable.
  3. Nice, DS = baller, he's great at what he does and is a very chill dude, good choice for a spotlight
  4. LOL some of those as newspaper headlines would be hilarious
  5. LOL, are you hoping to change your name to Draemn Helzberg?
  6. I don't fully understand what you want me to call draemn's DD stream. dat twitch
  7. Why don't you call this, Draemn's DD Straemn
  8. Reasoning on my top 7 favorites: Aux's #2 was by far my favorite picture. Framed excellently, color theme done very well, pose was intriguing. It almost looks as if she's on a throne in that picture ready to take action, so it has an element of optical illusion that really caught my eye. Emel's #1 was my second favorite. Posed well, plays with the palette modification with the underwater view, almost has a feel of motion to it, but the pose is static. Clif's was my 3rd favorite. If he hit H one more time to get rid of that lifebar, it'd be even better, but the green theme and the pose angle adds to it. Neat picture. Draemn's #2 was my 4th favorite (not shown). The color theme has a slight dissonance, but it's not unpleasant. All Fall-type shades, so it looks really cool. Nekro's #1 was my 5th favorite. I know you have to do overcharge DURING the wave, which added to it. It's a very good picture, themed well, good action shot; however, I wish the tan aura could be taken out and the purple at the bottom could be cropped. Steepers #2 was my 6th favorite. Ok, I KNOW how he got this picture very quickly, but the art style is so different from everything else submitted that it was cool to see. TDF_Linus' #1 was my 7th favorite. Cute picture, perhaps a less clipped view would have boosted the rank, but it would make a very cool wallpaper. A ton of amazing pictures submitted. I still don't get the pic of the Games section, but glad for the participation :) But yeah, Nekro, your picture was great, but anytime you deal with a panel of judges, they are going to have different tastes and may not pick an absolute "best" or something that others may deem better or worse. My tastes personally were for Aux's #2, but that vote was equally weighted with my vote for your #1 until the tiebreaker.
  9. OK, all votes are in, thanks for the patience; Barehugs will have the results when we can type up a full post here... Edit/Update: aaaaaaaaand a few ties to work out here, votes were extremely close for a lot of these
  10. Yeah, "Forged By Description" can be changed. I'm still waiting for stuff like, "Barfed out by"
  11. The easiest is Apprentice ;) you can do it in less than 20 seconds with the right strategy :) I checked it on open with normal stats Regular Assault (original challenge), or Assault Pack Map 3? Reg Assault, you can mana bomb with a 3k bomber and finish the map in about 0:10 legit. Assault Pack 3, unlikely to do more quickly than a Jester/Jesters since Male App is slow on NMHC (Adept's Purity bomb not effective) and the map is huge. Jester's health scaling is also much better than App, which makes it easier for newer players.
  12. I'm pretty sure I'm the last person to run every time :P Nope!
  13. If you have signed up on time in our sign-up thread for this event and have yet to run...Last day to run is TODAY, join the PC Community Events Group Chat (Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PcCommunityEventsGroup ), OR contact a local friendly Event Host!
  14. lol that was from a ridiculoversion, not a final event map.
  15. Lol you guys crazy. How about making an event on this map? :D haha tooootally up to Dredd. He's in charge of those decisions :D, we've still got Anniversary events and another event series in the works.
  16. Mischief's been making this craziness, we've been testing painstakingly...
  17. Nice; lol I speed-farmed a 207 yesterday, nice 208 :D
  18. I haven't done Crystalline yet, but I'm about to try it solo about now... Since I can't get decent teammates to join. In other words, not sure what the old one looks like, but I do know that any Nightmare map has spiders. You might want to practice Old One first (good way is to try Old One Practice map on Steam Workshop)
  19. Interesting, so Energy Cannons are useless and Staves are as well. The other two are the best there is, except not for Barbarian. I still use an Energy Cannon on my Jester, but I'm careful not to use it on maps where there are a lot of spiders, and if I don't forget, I swap out to a Pawn Shot on Old One. I can clear Old One in about 7 minutes with a Pawn Shot, and about 17 minutes with an Energy Cannon due to problems with the middle level and hitbox. I also had an E-Staff on my DPS App just cuz it looked cool. Re: GreatSword swing speed. The Swing Speed is good for trash mob, and my 398^ GreatSword beat my 395^ Steam Saw by about 1.5mil DPS regular, but adding in abilities, Hawk is about 60mil less with GreatSword and CircSlice/BloodRage on Squire is also dramatically less with the GS.
  20. Yeah, making room for Auras (Strength Drain - Electric - Ensnare) and buffing those should take care of most of your problem, I think. There's also a little issue where Apprentice Anti-Heroes can hit something near the crystal and have the damage splash onto the crystal. Also hits crystal if you are standing next to the crystal and you get hit at just the right angle.
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