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  1. lol wow, sick. I'd make an offer for it, but you should probably hang on to it.
  2. harpoon aiming is spot on! Edit: Tavern items have greatly improoved! just needa fix up stats going negative after picking them up/buying them like block and reload, and stats going negative because they where to high Positive rating bait-and-switch: - Yeah, I've bought several now that have had boost of +1xx that have gone negative when I bought them :-z - I also picked up a weapon in Ramparts survival that had a block of 2000% which made me laugh, but when it picked up and was in my inventory, it was massively negative. - I also have a few App Guards who had negative boost but are permanently stuck at +1 boost now. Each time you upgrade it, it sticks at +1 and still costs money and an upgrade. I also found out that you can Tornado Jump into the spawn point on Alchemical Laboratory. It was kinda fun barely surviving spawn enemy attacks with Siphon, lol, but you can't get out once you're in.
  3. Misty still has random things going on with crystals on late survival waves -- Central-North Crystal: No enemies near North crystal, genie sitting on top of reflection wall in front of crystal doing nothing, crystal goes down 80% instantly. We moved the reflection wall away from the crystal a bit and it didn't happen again in the rest of the waves we played. I think a Harpoon probably hit the reflect and counted as 'enemy' damage. Central-West Crystal: No clue what happened here, just randomly took 40% damage from nothing. Only spiders were near it, and I don't think they damage the crystal. All the rest seemed fine. Probably an issue with reflection wall on Central-North + I have no clue about Central-West.
  4. Since the achievement is 'complete 30 waves...,' this doesn't mean that they've changed every map to 30 waves, correct? It isn't "Reach Wave 30 on all" -- you can play 5 waves on a mission, complete them, play it 6 times, correct?
  5. Awesome, look forward to 7.28. Ballin' job for adding those mentioned previously to 7.28, I know bug testing and solution implementation can be hard in many cases. Suggestions if you have time, lol: Sorting: (1) Any way to add column sort to the games/shops menu? e.g. Sort Alphabetically so I don't keep going to the same shop, lol. Assault Missions: (2) Any way to set a lower limit on items you get from Assault Challenge Pack? I ran through Assault Ch Pack NMHC #1 Solo, got 2^, 2^, 4^, 8^, 241^, 8^ in six runs. The value on each is higher than Insane, but I play Insane and typically get anywhere from 140^ to 180^ items. Mana tokens are easier to get on Insane than NM for that reason. It feels as if you're penalized for being able to solo NMHC on it. Maybe have lower limit of 115^ on NM? That'd at least be mana token worthy. I will note, though, the backstabbers I get from NMHC #3 are pretty close to always 210^+, which is pretty sweet. (3) If you beat Assault Challenge Pack on NMHC, the items in the shop are Torn, Solid, etc. really low gear. Anyway to up that to something even perhaps mid-level? Beast Mode: (4) Can you add a map where Humongous Eggs drop every 1/10 second and stay there to be picked up until your item box is full of them? LOL Mana Tokens: (5) Any way to have a 'make mana token' feature that dumps 200m into an item and gives it 'mana token' status (perhaps item can't be used in-game after that but turns gold in the inventory to signify 'this is a mana token'). If you think this would break/harm the economy on there, don't add it, but it'd decrease the mana req on a mana token (i.e. they're currently 40-45% inefficient at best) and would likely encourage trades for fully upgraded gear/higher trans stuff. Menu: (6) If you try to Join a game from Steam and it's a hidden game at the moment (e.g. if the host friend doesn't unhide it before you join), it often boots you back to the main menu instead of game listing, which is an annoying and extra 3 or 4 clickthroughs each time. More if I think of any.... *Watches Knicks*
  6. Thanks for working on this all in trying to make it as good a game as possible. I can see the skeleton spawn rate is much better and clogs much less. Looking forward to the survival update in the near future. Just taking notes here -- through the first few hours, I'm still seeing: Harpoons: - Harpoons missing goblins and spiders - Harpoons not tracking well on wyverns at any angle beyond about 30 - Harpoons distracted by enemies farther away, and until those are gone, the harpoons do not target anything else. This is problematic with bugged spawn goblins (e.g. Hollow Monsterfest). Game Issues: - After any Karathiki Tower Defense round, it crashes the game unless you Exit Game and rejoin after tavern return - Sometimes killing other players on PvP crashes the game randomly, too. The game is crashing a bunch for me now. - Volume is deafeningly loud during intro, runs fine and to preferences in-game - Hollow Monsterfest still has spawn-glitch goblins and kobolds, and harpoons shoot over them. They also do not despawn, even after 6 minutes, presumably since since they're 'moving' (though glitched into walls in spawn)? If you need screenshots of this, I have a few. Economy: - Two different occasions: (1) Was under soft mana cap (had like 0.5m), friend paid me back 200m mana he had borrowed via trade, it made the sound, he lost the money, and I did not get it. (2) Was over soft mana cap (had about 1.3B), same thing, it made the sound, he lost the money, and I did not get it. Both legit users, I can understand #2 sort of (next time I'll ask for a mana token), but #1 really frustrated (and confused) us. - Cannot move an item or remove it from shop if it's over the value of what you have left before the 2B hard mana cap. e.g. I have 1.7B and someone wants to buy the 400m item for 2 mana tokens, can't move until I spend 100mill. Mega Chicken is kind of cool, though. I may go for it at some point soon. Still haven't seen any eggs so far, but will search later.
  7. About 1 in every 20 Wyverns fly right through auras without being affected -- e.g. full speed ahead through Ensnares. It seems really random, and it didn't used to happen at all for me prior to the patch. Any ideas? If it's related to Aura speed, ~1100 should be enough to slow down a single Wyvern.
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