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  1. Kinda wanna post pics of weaps for trade anyone kno the problem here....
  2. Inever kick only when I'm overstocked I hand out items for free then kick to hand out to the next person. Only times I kick peeps lol
  3. Your special guest host was amazing ,I enjoyed this event ...
  4. Sux since I have stuff to do and I'm just sitting here wasting time -_- well since he's at work what's goin to happen
  5. Anyone got him as a freind and can see if he's even online? We should get the pet free without doing event for this lol start votes haha
  6. I MSG guys on top of deathdealer list and no invites... I need to b somewhere so Id like to kno wats up plz
  7. yes how unfair is that the person that does the extra work building gets less xp. Something needs to change with this lol
  8. Well if monsters drop good loot id like an autoloot option kinda like ragnarok where u could loot only rare drops... which eliminates searching through the rubbish, and the drop would go to the person that killed the monster.
  9. I think it's better than reaching max level in 5 glitter runs like post patch and b bored cuz there's nothing to achieve at max level cap.... Just play for fun instead of tryn to just play glitter... Don't even worry about reaching level cap as it will stress u out lol. I personally would like the level cap higher and harder to reach. Makes game more interesting.
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