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  1. While you're fixing this, please also take moment to increase our item box capacities again as a gesture of good will for having pushed back the last patch and the moonbase indefinitely and to make up for the pain and suffering we've experienced from this glitch. Thank you.
  2. Can we please get an ETA for this patch or even some confirmation that it will arrive? During the twitch stream last month someone asked about this, and the response was that a patch was never actually promised.
  3. I don't think we'll see this issue fixed. Look at how long hacking has been rampant; the solution is just "trade on the forums and trade at your own risk". The solution to this will probably just be "play in public games at your own risk".
  4. Thanks to Grey and the DDDK I have seen what an ULT++ seahorse could be and it would absolutely destroy a mega. However, as things are, it is highly unlikely that we will ever see one of those unless there is a final update to DD1 that gives us a greater chance of seeing ult seahorses. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know roughly what the probability is?
  5. This is not event, but I found it the most memorable: On the Trendy Friday Fun streams, there was user named "kimmy gibblers ****" who would participate the chat. Whenever Icearrow was there, he could never bring himself to say their full user name and would giggle like a schoolgirl.
  6. I let you check pew pew pew's guide :) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216908696 Just because it can be done with low stats doesn't mean that everything is balanced fine as it is. It's cool that people are finding ways to get through the maps with as minimum stats as possible, but these people don't reflect the larger portion of the playerbase. There are people that beat Darks Souls at SL1 with their starting equipment, that doesn't mean it's an easy game.
  7. Mega Chicken by far. Supposedly, if you get an absolute top of the line seahorse (ult with a lot of upgrades) it will be slightly better than than the best mega chickens. But that is incredibly rare and not worth trying to get, imo.
  8. you should black out some of the stats
  9. I disagree with that, you don't need a Rainmaker or a Glacier's demise to beat any map, classic or glad with 300^ are way enough. And for builder, as it has been proven many times, 2k builders are enough to clear the game and if you prefer to be sure 3k~4k are easy to reach too. But i agree with better damage scalling with older weapons, would be nice to see some variety in dps weapons :) I know it's not necessary, but I think it would make everything more fun. And even 450+ upgrade weapons are extremely rare, at least for me. Actually, I think I've only gotten one good weapon with over
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