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  1. if you cant even complete wave 20 then afking is obviously not for you. south core can be tricky. however new build doesnt have that problem at all. since its a firetower+poon Thats the thing, I don't AFK. I'm generally on my Monk DPSing.
  2. This is BS. Numerous times now I see videos of people have stuff placed, yet I've spent 20 minutes trying to replicate JUST the southern crystal here, and cannot. I can't even get two harpoons together in the buff beam like you have in your video. I'd like to think I'm NOT a short bus timmy here, but obviously I'm missing SOMETHING about this game, because I've got decent stats on all my characters, and I've yet to be able to clear past wave 20 in Aquanos, can't clear Misty, none of it. My builds consistently fail, no matter WHOSE build I use, no matter how long I spend replicating these "AFKa
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197967651462/screenshot/1153170434565728329/? So, browsing through shops tonight, trying to find a good weapon upgrade. Then this slaps me in the face. First time I've ever seen it. Is this normal? Do people HONESTLY spend real money on a currency that is absurdly easy to obtain?
  4. agreed with dtr86. Sharken has never moved any of my towers since I updated all my setup. Agreed here. Sharken move my stuff all the time, but I understand that it's due to "ME" doing something wrong, not Trendy making the game too hard. I vote stop whining and figure out how to beat them.
  5. I'm pretty sure after a certain amount of time, mobs despawn, or eventually it will move so that your towers can kill it.
  6. Location, location, location. Thought we went over this, Super. :P We go over this constantly, however it was first attempt at a new build, was unused to it, therefore time was of the essence, I'm sure when I farm the crap out of it tonight it'll work flawlessly :-)
  7. And it works, only issue I had was poor wall placement with the north western harps, had to repair the harps occasionally from Ogre love. Other than that, beams were buffed to max(cause I was bored), but nothing else was upgraded, and was easily AFKable with my Countess at 11xx/20xx/9xx/14xx tower stats.
  8. I just went through and did all the ones I was missing over again, without any other people, just me-myself-I. Got it. Was just a pain in the ***.
  9. Each character had a guardian out, as I said in my original post :-)
  10. Glitter was a level that I had previously achieved it on. My issue isn't that just the Achievement hasn't popped up, if I look at the statistics, it's showing that I haven't gotten the "Master Strategist" bonus on levels that I know damn well I should have it on, because I just went through and did it lol.
  11. Nope, did not work. I've tried doing it again on a level that says I don't have it(gave me the Master Strategist bonus this time), even tried starting up a map and losing on purpose, nothing.
  12. Am I missing something about this Achievement? I just went through the ENTIRE campaign, using nothing but Towers, and I didn't get credit for about half of the maps that I didn't have. I was also doing Team Effort with 2 of my emulated characters and a friends AFK account, all of us had Guardians on the entire time. Did I screw something up, or did this really just bug out on me like this?
  13. Gotta go with the Countess! I'm on her most, and use her instead of my squire simply for run speed. Her ONE costume is absolute garbage!!
  14. I'll agree there, Kandars' build got me to wave 21, with little to no problems. Every once in a while I'll run into a pesky Djinn who sits around the corner and despawns something, and once I let a proxie run out, but that was it. However, the upgrade thing I can't vouch for. Usually only things I find are simply ok to sell, and I've only had one Trans drop, and even that wasn't that good. Countess Builder - 1300/1400/600/1200 tower stats EV Waller - 1400-1500/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx Trapper - 1100/1500/300/700 I believe, don't quote me on it Currently my Adept is built for damage, so his thp is
  15. Been trying this build for two days now cause I don't have a trapper, and every other build requires traps. on the east side where you've got the one harpoon to handle the lane, I'm not sure if this happened to you, but mobs just piled up around the corner, including Djinn who buff a retarded amount of mobs and then they come around and rape everything. It's pretty consistent too, not just happening once or twice. If I put the wall back too far, it cramps everything up and then Ogres can hit my harpoons, which is bad.
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