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  1. Wow man that's some good stuff right there, have been farming Akatiti jungle for a while but havn't found something close to that so far : |
  2. Hi all, I just started playing this game on pc about a week ago and i have some questions for anyone who wants to answer. 1.What is the best way to farm trans armor? and what are the required stats/class needed to do it. 2.which character should i level up first? 3.which character is the best for ranged dps? 4.what is the best aura weapon for a monk? That is all for now thanks in advance. I'll anwser you by what I've know, correct me if any wrong. 1. Do survival game in nightmare level, the harder survival map you do the better reward you got. 2. You want to level up a main builder and a secondary builder, after that level up a dps character. Best main builder are Summoner>Squire>Apprentice; secondary builder will support your main build so that you can do harder map easily, they are Series Ev>Monk>Huntress, and for dps I recommend you level up Monk first, which he is the most useful and importand dps in either combat phase or boss fight. (due to he's ability) P.s If you have the DLC, you should use female character as builder and male character as DPSer, female character move faster and male character have more reasonable combat ability, hp, strength etc. 3. Monk, Huntress with super lengendary outfist, ranger good if you can land your spread shot in close. Jester can also use ranged weapons, and she have high mobility and hero coasting speed, good dps in gerenal except for boss fight. (with no combat ability) 4. Wrench from sky city, E-spear from crystalline dimension, Obsidian Sparus from Akatiti jungle, or other new weapon from the new map. (havn't do ww much, so far only got some regular stuff so not sure) Those are dps weapon, aura weap you only need to aim for high radius postive stats, not really matter what weapon it is, Akatiti jungle can get some 600+stats weapons.
  3. And a TN deve just woke up and saw this was like Da f**k we didn't do s**t. Just sayin, if you ganna rage quite evertime when you not getting super awesome rewards, then 90% of the people have already leave the game. I've been farming pawnshot a month ago, I do about 3 page more of them, sure I got a good one with 280^, and some guy join the game for afk level up, but I think it's ok for helping new players sometimes, and guess what? end of the wave he recive a 402^ max 200k pawshot, and this just an example of one of the case. So that's how this game works live with it.
  4. Hi, just wonder if there's a way that I can track my ach like tf2. ex. the all pet ach, how do I know what pet I havn't collect yet? if no it will be nice to add a tracking option in game. :santa:
  5. So it just happened, I was farming Pawnshot at king games and came to last wave. I bring my alts and when the combat phase started, I instanlt recvie the reward and all of my builds and crystal are gone. But the mobs still comming out, not sure what happens there (maybe it's the santa O_O)...anyone have the same situation? :santa:
  6. Hybrid builders? If you want your Active builder bonus, split the screen and drop em near some defenses with an App Guardian. Good Armor with nice ups is not easy to find, why waste points putting them into dps? Having your builder in is not a bad idea. Wasting good armor with dps points though is. It would be nice if we could respec our armor. If your struggling then just split your screen and use your builder with a App Guardian. The builder bonus from your builder and App Guardian are awesome combinations. You can have your best DPS this way with Genie to get things upgraded fast, with builder bonus. Also splitting screens gives more rewards at end, and lots more mana to do upgrades. Mike. This. :D
  7. I don't know Mike, I meet a guy few days ago and he had less then 300hr, but with a 6K DPS stats and also unlock the tarven keeper outfist. So who knows? people usually superize people :) But to be honest I feel sad that I play twice more than him but not good geared as that guy lol I think you can reach 7K stats without hack tho, sup acces can give you 300+stats at max, so a ult set and a Akatiti weap(700stats), plus Pkob. 1200(3+1 300stats acces)+840*4(ult set)+700(weap)+600(PK)+985(hero point)= 6845...well sth like that, you could have higher on sup acces. :kobold:
  8. So I watched TheBossAwesome's vid last night, and some guy at the end of the video had 7000 in tower stats, It's crazy that how the sup acces can do. I also notice his genie, it's a ultimate one and it seems to cap at 700 tower damage, where can I find this awesome genie O_O? Akatiti random reward? 10:30
  9. Did you also max out your block to 100%? I was thinking to build a tankly blood rage squire with a seahorse too, for solo the Akatiti boss.
  10. Like who has the highest hp to the lowest.. can anyone make a list for me? Thanks a lot, I'm working on sth like speacial dps character for boss fight, DPS Summoner with two seahorse, Super tanky squire with blood rage seahorae etc. One more question, how is Monk hero boost and Squire's blood rage works? if use on seahorse, which one is better?
  11. That's very good for a myth, shame about that Ult+. Congrats taking down the boss, wish I can do it too, but apparently having 45~55m tavern dps isn't fast enough before my defenses break. :/ How is that not enough? I did it on ranger with a genie, only do about 10-17M DPS. And agree with you, that s a good myth, I got a ult light night on KG but only have 3 stats hit 400.
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