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  1. I just tried it with a friend with our own improvised layout and we breezed through the waves very easily. The boss however was absolutely impossible... My barbarian doesn't have super amazing gear to be honest, but the boss was pretty much one-shotting me or close to with almost any attack. Even managed to kill me through turtle stance + siphon stance once. One thing I would recommend for your build because it worked really well on ours is changing up the north area by putting the Northeast EV wall down the stairs and moving the harpoons (I used fireball + harpoon) on the very north ledge and running buffs beams from the EV walls to the towers. It has the added advantage of confusing sharken because I noticed one stuck there trying to charge the towers but unable to reach em (pre-nerf, since nerf nothing even gets close).
  2. I've been thinking of different ideas for the DST and one of them would be similar to SC2's protoss void ray if anyone's familiar with that. Basically, make the DST fire a beam (think EV proton beam) that scales up in damage the longer it's fired and pierces the target. The beam stops and is reset to its initial damage whenever it kills it's primary target and it possibly has a short CD before it can fire again. This would give it an edge over the harpoon vs high health targets as the damage while targeting an ogre would ramp up to do say 2X the DPS a harpoon would do, and makes it useful against trash while not quite as powerful as a harpoon when it can't build up high enough dps. It would make the tower very interesting in late waves as it kind of scales with how much hp the mobs have.
  3. I like how you mention not wanting to start a war and instantly follow up with a personal attack. :P Anyway... As much as I like the idea, Llorean's got a point. Right now, ogres aren't really an issue by themselves, they just act as sort of a distraction for your towers and let other mobs damage your walls. By making all your towers prioritize trash, you'd basically make ogres useless, unless they plan on fixing ogres so they actually attack EV walls and inverted blockades.
  4. I almost want to add exploding shells to DTS Ideas..... Already have fireballs for AoE splash. Personally I like the idea of a powerful single target tower and I don't think Trendy's gonna change that. If it was implemented a little better, the Apprentice would have a very nice set of offensive tools to work with for all situations. They just need to give it something more, add an interesting utility feature to it. It could be anything really but atm, the damage itself really doesn't warrant the outrageous DU cost.
  5. It's all well and dandy YOU want to see the game scaling up further billions currency-wise. I just think it's a terrible idea. More power to you in your own desires on that. I'd rather see a solution with fewer commas and wasted digitspace on the screen. ^ This. I really don't understand why they don't use the same kind of logic they use in-game. When you drop your 1500+ mana in a game, you don't actually drop 1500 tiny little crystals, you drop 3 big light blue ones, right? Why not use the same kind of idea for the economy? Could you imagine if we had to pay everything IRL with pennies? Simple solution: 1000 mana crystals of color A = 1 crystal of color B 1000 crystals of color B = 1 crystal of color C 1000 crystals of color C = 1 crystal of color D And there you go. Now 1 crystal of color D is equal to 1 billion.
  6. To the DST when we say pulse, beam or rail.... Pulse: a beam that does DoT but the beam only last for a lil bit and does not move Rail: A insta travel beam/bullet that does one time dmg to all it hits within a max range Beam: A DoT that travels with its target until beam runs out I think we need to stay away from piercing many targets as it will simply be constantly compared to harpoons. It will bring one of 2 outcomes: They will be better than harpoons and all builds will change to use them OR they will still be outclassed by harpoons either because of their poor performance or high DU cost and still nobody will use them. I think DSTs were designed with high HP targets in mind and it just needs a better way of dealing with them, hence my idea of a stacking DoT/debuff to make killing ogres and djinns easier.
  7. The DST problem is pretty much impossible to solve. The reason Fireballs and Harpoons are the DPS towers of choice is primarily because they get multiple targets. If you try and scale the DSTs damage or fire rate to make it viable it will inevitably still suck if more ogres than it was balanced for show up and potentially overpowered if less ogres show up on whatever stages you play. One thing I will say is that boosting its fire rate any significant ammount s a bad idea as it would effectively destroy the towers defining properties. In light of those issues my suggestion for the DST is to make it function like a rail gun by first. buffing its damage a bit. Second causing its projectile to travel to msx range and pierce and hit multiple enemies and finally maybe make it fire a bit slower. Then its DPS scales well as the ogre numbers rise. It can do some damage to groups of mobs and can still pick off some stray spiders and wyverns in an area if well placed due to its near instant shot travel. Obviously piercing would increase their usefulness a ton, but it would just turn them into slightly modified harpoons. I think to stick with the idea of a very powerful single target "sniping" tower, they need something unique. Someone mentioned stunning/interrupting but LT already does that. I wonder if they ever experimented with debuffs/DoTs that stick to the target, maybe stackable. Anyone who's played WoW will know what I'm talking about. Numbers are just randomly picked for demonstration purposes but.. Say whenever your DST hits a target, it does its regular damage (let's say 150k) but also applies a stacking DoT on them. It could start out fairly low, let's say 10k dps, but increase exponentially. After let's say 5 stacks, you're looking at whatever your tower is doing normally + 150k extra dps from the DoT. The same idea could be applied but with a debuff instead of a DoT. For example, whenever your DST hits a target, it increases the damage that target takes by 10% per stack up to 5 stacks. I think a system like this would definitely increase their utility against late wave ogres and djinns, making them much more competitive.
  8. It's absolutely ridiculous to me that defenses that are meant to do high single target damage are outclassed by harpoons, explosive traps and fireball. Deadly Strike just seems like a huge waste of DUs in almost any situation, over a harpoon that can put out more DPS on mobs you would need high DPS for (ogres, djinns, etc.) AND pierce to hit all the trash behind it. That tower really needs to have either a much higher base speed or a much higher scaling ratio with the casting speed stat. And even with a huge buff to speed, it's gonna need a pretty impressive buff to damage or a good nerf to the DU cost to make it worthwhile. I think MM could use a projectile speed upgrade like you said and I would personally love to see a homing feature (never miss their target) since it's a magical projectile. Of course that would require a lot more coding than a simple projectile speed increase so I don't expect it to happen, but wouldn't that be awesome? The ultimate wyvern killing tower. Fireball's in a good place, it could use a slight increase to damage to make it more competitive versus a harpoon, especially since it's elemental damage. Lightning is alright, some people like it and others don't. I think it could have slightly higher damage since it costs quite a bit of DUs. Blockades are extremely weak but they are only worth 1 DU. I suppose they could use a buff to make them a little versatile, as right now they're mostly used as spider decoys.
  9. Most towers have a really hard time leading their targets at times, especially from far away. It's like they aren't calculating the projectile speed right or something. Or maybe the wyverns bobbing around while flying throws the algorithm off? It's hard to tell but the only real solution to guarantee hits is to place them right in their trajectory so the wyverns fly right at it in a straight line.
  10. It could've possibly been a stray DEM fireball, and if it was, that seems incredibly unfair. Like someone mentioned previously, I'm all for punishing a player mistake and I can take a crystal explosion if I misplaced a wall or tower, but something like this is pretty much out of my control. Are we gonna have to sacrifice DUs to box out every single crystal in reflection beams from now on? That's just ridiculous. If my crystal had taken some damage, I would've reacted and changed my strategy accordingly, but instant game over? Very frustrating, especially in long survival maps. And if it wasn't actually a DEM fireball, than all I can think of is harpoons are causing the crystal to explode in some very rare and hard to recreate situations. Those kind of glitches are the worst to debug... I'd just like to point out that I've only been playing for about 3 weeks and to be honest, I really admire Trendy's incredibly fast response to the community with constant bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. I just hope this is something they're looking at.
  11. I thought this issue had been fixed but it just happened to me and my friend during a NMHC Misty survival. The north crystal was at full health on wave 22 and the camera just randomly switched to a cut-scene of it exploding. We were both in the vicinity and absolutely nothing was close to it. The north lane was almost empty except for a nearly dead ogre (doing the bending over in pain animation so not attacking) and a djinn. The cut-scene showed no projectiles or anything hitting it other than harpoons shooting through to hit the ogre... It was extremely frustrating because it was one of our best attempts at it and we were really handling everything great. As far as I can tell, there's just no way it could've been a legit crystal death. Edit: So after reading up on it, apparently a mage could one-shot the north crystal now? Reflection beams are now essential on every crystal I guess, just in case? Either way, I didn't see anything hit the crystal and the gas and darkness traps I have there were active so there's no way a mage could've gotten in range of it in the first place.
  12. Well turns out the game itself might not be the source of the problem. Some more developments are making me think it's probably faulty hardware somewhere, either on the ISP's end or a splitter at my house. The correlation with the game was some kind of very strange coincidence. I guess it would make sense that the bandwidth required to play online would make the hardware malfunction in some way, but I do a lot of heavy bandwidth requirement stuff and never had I had trouble with my connection until I got DD. Very strange indeed... Either way, a technician is coming over on saturday to try and fix the issue.
  13. For the past 2 weeks now, I've been having recurring intermittent internet problems. Basically, the internet will go out for 30 seconds, sometimes a few minutes, not only for me but all computers on the network. I'm not talking about just the game servers, my whole internet connection goes down. At first, I didn't see the correlation between this issue and playing DD, but everything is pointing towards that possibility now. After trying all of the obvious solutions to fix my problem (unplugging and resetting the router/modem, bypassing the router by plugging my computer directly into the modem, etc.) and even going out to replace my modem today, I realized everything seems to work fine until I try to play DD. Within a few minutes or sometimes a few hours, the game will crash my internet. The problems also started the exact day I downloaded and started playing Dungeon Defenders. When I'm lucky, I will only lag out for 10 seconds or so and not get disconnected from the server, but these lag spikes are also unbearable as they often end up with me randomly jumping off a cliff on Hardcore. Here are 2 forum posts I found related to this issue. It seems I'm not the only one experiencing internet outages: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?14027-DD-causing-internet-timeouts-system-crashes http://forums.trendyent.com/archive/index.php/t-7294.html? I should also point out that my internet has always been pretty much flawless in terms of reliability before this situation started happening. Disconnections and lag were things I'd get once every few months, never a daily thing. I'd like an official response to this because I need to know if it's something you're aware of and looking into or have a solution to. I would love to be able to rule out DD as the culprit, but so far it's been the only possible explanation.
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