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  1. psn: sdrowkcab friday please work through weekend. saturday alternative
  2. 2 weeks i have pulled nothing but 57 and below. 2 weps every time. wtf
  3. most people want Soda's for the morrago boss. I agree that event weapons are wanted because you cannot farm them. The value of an event weapon, or weapon for that matter, is determined by the beholder and the want-ee.
  4. sdrowkcaB friday please work during the sat and sun times
  5. ehh i think its pointless to nerf. How bout the apprentice? Whats the highest dps someone has with monk boost? Its prolly somewhat close with a 200^ morrago weap... You guys will be complaining when the new insane+ mode comes out and cant spam PS. I havent used my huntress for dps since the patch which is why I can care less about the PS nerf or no nerf. I say leave it be itll help the noobs starting out and when your not a noob you prolly wont spam it anyway ya know?i agree you can hit 600k+ with the apprentice why does the piercing deserve to get nerfed? everyones complaining and when
  6. post it i hear its been traded out already by an event host :0
  7. we dont all hit that and your using a monk to boost you. if you dont like the piercing shots damage then dont use it. if the piercing shot, an ability that can only be used once a second that can hit for like 200k+ a sec, needs to be nerfed then shouldnt a staff that hits 600k+ a second without a boost be nerfed? the game is good as it is stop trying to get stuff that isnt broken taken away and ruin us because your good. O.o
  8. i think the xbox community as a whole is pretty concerned about the patching situation... 1st shard dlc released = 2 months before a patch made it playable 2nd shard released = 2 months before a patch made it playable 3rd shard released = no patch, still not playable with this kind of trend i can only assume that the 4th shard will not be patched or playable until christmas holiday... not being a smart ***, i'm fairly upset at the grossly irresponsible behavior going on here. i paid money for these and several months later i still have not received a working product. can someone convi
  9. suuure a named lil' carnage, forged by TrendylovesU and level 1 suuuure ive seen one have a friend with one going to be checking the attacking with it. i just really wanted to know why it was shelved. i thank you for telling me that it didnt shoot and for the comment posted by classic and apologize to classic for asking.
  10. i was wondering i heard that the first lil' carnage was shelved because of a problem. would you be able to tell me what that problem was or is that confidential. i hope you can tell me about this
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