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  1. I have been back into the game for about 5 weeks. I do not get much time to play but have made it to Chaos 4 (not clearing yet) through advice off here on how gearing and loot works. With some help in Runs with guys happy to carry while we did what we could . Also by attempting as many waves as possible and getting upgrades and then slowly progressing to clearing the Map and then moving on to next Chaos tier.
  2. I cannot connect also I am in NZ so I imagine I connect to the Aus servers
  3. Play for Free is Admirable and there are not many instances where Free to play as worked without the pay to win tagged on. Path Of Exile I think is a shining example of free to play and not pay to win. All money is cosmetic only and it survives off a strong support base who like having more inventory space and flashy looks and neat pets etc (pets do nothing) It introduces Races, New Leagues and new content on a regular basis and I think this is key. If DD2 added new leagues where you had to start fresh and introduced different bonuses/penalties to keep it fresh. Why not have a hardcore mod
  4. Second this I recently purchased a Switch would love to have this game on that platform
  5. none taken. To clarify I dont like doing nothing either I upragde repair and hold lanes as best as I can when I join these games and when I host them I still try and do the best I can as I dont have OP gear yet. More thinking of a way to keep jilted Long time players interested in helping out those that wish to be helped out.
  6. Bit of Kiwi Gold getting me through the day.
  7. I think to incentivise Players to host public games and build and help out newer players there should be some sort of reward multplier that Builders get. Somehoe try and give them a reason for creating a match to carry people. Would help the community and also help motivate others to get out and build on there own or also host games where they build.
  8. Hey I know that it has no doubt been raised before but the ability to start a private game and build in peace and then open it up to the public would be great. Or add the ability on public games to tick an option that suspends joining untill you are ready. I would be more interested in hosting C1 games in this manner as I am not fast yet at building and like to take my time to make sure it is right first. This would help get around the "g to quick " syndrome I have seen and also take some of the pressure I feel when I have 3 other players jumping around the screen waiting on me. I also wo
  9. This helped me , spent some gold on a totem that helped get my walls to a point where I could get to them and repair them before they got destroyed. By getting a good medallion as well helped the towers whittle the Cyborks down. Little by little got to the point where I could finish the maps. Must admit it was a serious jump from c1
  10. https://dd2tools.com/calcs/ In chaos 2 Legendarys go to 2.9k and greens are around 2.5k You have to start trying to get through 2-3 waves and looking for upgrades if you lose thats fine it happens to all of us just keep going and eventually you pick up upgrades. Get rid of your builders from deck before combat phase and run your best geared hero only to help insure better drops. Putting even 5 levels of upgrades into items will help increase your average gear lvl and give you better drops. With daily quests you can easily afford to put a few uprgade levels into gear.
  11. Thanks to great guy last night who happily carried us in some chaos runs I have the gear I need to get up to wave 4 in c3 where I can hopefully round out any missing uprgades I need to get c3 done. As I Am understanding the loot system more and more I am having a better time of it. I look forward to changes that will help out new and misinformed players get more from there gaming experiance
  12. If you have a C2 gear and try to gear up C4 ok, but i pass my time to kick campaing or c1 gear in C7.. I dont bother trying to join t5 or higher as I am aware of hte way the loot system works and that I would get the same drops in c3 that I would in c7 but that I am far more usefull in a c3 game and less of a burden than I would be in C7. One of the problems is many dont know this. So they see C7 games and think "JACKPOT" sadly things are explained to them in a lot of cases. I am now clearing c2 fairly consistently solo and looking at breaking into c3 myself soon solo. Most of the games
  13. I just want to thank those that do put on public games of c3/c4 as This has been helpfull for me to Gear up and make my way through c2. I am sad to hear that many experiances are ruined by leechers but I enjoy helping as much as I can when I join. This is not always made easy by having to equip whatever gear is highest to increase the chance of an uprade. I wish I could just put my best DPS gear on and be more helpfull but sadly in order to work the sytem at hopes oif an upgrade I can not do this. Largely im sure the problem lies with the players but in my own opinion there is a lot that ocu
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