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  1. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?55973-Better-XBOX-Controller-emulation Check the PC/Consoles Guides sections. Youve been missing out on alot if you havent seen this sub forum yet.
  2. It should be starting at wave 5. Further maps are 7/14. Does this mean your going to fix it back to wave 5?
  3. Actually for ranged dps. Waiting for a Nosferatu to drop on some late wave MM would take far longer then farming UDFA. The only point Im trying to make is that the RNG of usuable item models is bad and the chance that one of those is worthy of an upgrade is just as terrible.
  4. In my experience ogres have only walked over spike barricades. I have yet to see this happen with an EV wall.
  5. The fact of the matter is that if your only slightly off with your tower positions it can be game over. You can no longer afk till wave 30, it does require you to get in front of your defenses and help out. This game is now balanced around buff beams and tower/hero boosts.
  6. True too, but this is how this game is. As for farming the same map over and over again to earn a correct weapon, are you sure this precise weapon is the only key to break into harder content? Can't you already go there and find a better one? I have been trying to get a decent rug beater for awhile. Most of them have been really bad. With the aqua halbard being nerfed to elemental dmg and the Nosferatu with such a rare drop, this is the best weapon im aware of for a monk, that is guaranteed to drop. Dont worry, we will have rational gear progression, accessibility and fun next week. Yeah, as much as I love DunDef the loot and progression is too annoying. Diablo 3 will be my new time and money sink.
  7. I had a DEW stuck in spawn that I couldnt reach with 3 min left in the round. He never despawned and I lost. This map is buggy as hell.
  8. The annoyances dont stop once you get into the nightmare. To me the time spent vs the reward is starting to annoy me. Last night I spent 5-6 hours farming NMHC Uber Death From Above to try and get some better weapons. Most the time I get complete crap that is vendored right away. It would be nice if we were actually given an award that is useful for all the time we spend working towards something. The drops on survival are understanably random but why am I on wave 25 NMHC MM and still getting a garbage level 30 item from a chest. Something needs to be fixed, the RNG for this game is too extreme. Regarding the NM difficulty, some of these maps should not be decided by the fact your tower was 1 or 2 pixels off from the optimum position. I understand the min/max off endgame progression, but the margin for error is extremely small. Buff beams make it near impossible to try and adjust your build during a wave, because if you do all your defenses just lost their beam and its game over. This comes back to the risk vs reward for buff beams, but whats my reward? Some crap item with negative resistances and all neg stats.
  9. Its not sharken moving it? I find that often I need to dps or use tower boost to help kill off ogres in later waves if only to make sure the towers will target sharken when they come.
  10. Kandar, just curious but it looks like this challenge got some additional DU with the Cliffs update. This does work great, but do you have any plans to update this?
  11. I have done this several times as well with all 4 afk. Seems like I get alot of neg Seahorses though or ones that are 1^. 1 or 2 good ones out of about 16.
  12. Whats your schedule like? I am needing to complete this as well, but it is a tough one to solo.
  13. I actually got several small eggs and a humo today. Has the event been extended again?
  14. Your words are wasted arguing with this one Mythos. Nikodareus is the all-powerful all-knowing dungeon defenders expert.
  15. "Couldn't beat new boss on first day, please nerf it" I'm speechless, all that comes to my mind is "wtf". Have you tried anything aside from tank-and-spank? I know this doesn't have WoW-tier boss mechanics but still I'd rather see challenging bosses with interesting mechanics than beat new content in one day. I haven't tried Kraken myself yet so I don't know if it's challenging or plain impossible. There's a difference between making a boss-kill take some skill and just making it hit ridiculously hard. I hope it's not the latter about Kraken. If there's no mechanics and just another tank-and-spank boss with high damage output, do not pay any attention to this post. My experience with the Kraken last night wasnt too bad, but I think could use some improvement. The fact that towers cant dmg him is a little ridiculous in a tower defense game. Its also hard as a melee dps to take the tenticles down when he is always in the air and moving. In the end we defeated him but even after figuring out how, it was frustrating just to try and position correctly to get any dps off.
  16. I think the Djinn need to have line of site in order to desummon. That would be enough of a fix. Too many times they desummon something throught a wall.
  17. As another poster stated, there are 3 on ES NM (the pretty much come from all choke points simultaneously). I managed to beat wave 1 with a djinnette pet so I could replace the moved blockades, but not everyone will have them available. Beginning with a squire only build will not really suffice anymore on ES. To beat the level, I pretty much had to farm for gear on wave 1 over and over until I could get a set of mythical for my huntress and squire and create gas traps unfortunately out of range of the harpoons (which could be resolved with upgrades). I'm not saying it can't be done, but each patch puts beginners at a more significant disadvantage almost every time. *EDIT* Remember though, 1 million an upgrade might not sound like much to most of us, but to those starting out in NM, 50 upgrades still require an extraordinary amount of farming. I just don't believe we should now be expanding the ES grindfest that much more. You do make an excellent point. The beginners curve into NM just got alot steeper.
  18. Im not hardcore by any means, and 800ish stats is pretty easy to aquire.
  19. Bingo. I know exactly what you are talking about. TE needs to seriously evaluate the concepts of SOLO and Accessibility in regards to content. This X1000
  20. I feel solo play is being left behind which is unfortunate because I am not really able to play with others due my constant pausing and sporadic schedule. If you going to start a topic on this though you need to at least make it constructive. This type of thread only gets ignored.
  21. Really looking forward to the chapter. Thank you Trendy. However, I'm still seeing lots of 'teamwork' as the keyword in the new maps. No problem with that for the main release, but please remember the solo player for additional maps. Would love to see solo or duo only maps. I feel the same way. I love the new content, but I really wish some of these new maps were a little more friendly to someone who works mostly solo.
  22. How do you deal with all the stuck mobs? This map is the worst Ive experienced with them.
  23. Actually i wonder about the high starting wave. How many waves do you have to start earlier than your goal to get the same level of gear as if you did it from 1? I tried start survival on 14 and when i compelted it I didn't get a pet. I also notice that there are no drops either on the first wave, what ever number you start at. Anyone figured out these questions. You actually only get the pet if you start on 13
  24. I was already getting frustrated with the grind. This is kinda the nail in the coffin for me. Trendy I love love love your game, but you really need to get some fun back into this game. This game should be more casual friendly and not aimed at those that can put 1000+ hours into your game. Believe it or not, they are the minority.
  25. I would love to see anything that would help give us more build time for campaign mode on the larger maps. I am not really able to play this game with other people due to my schedule and a baby at home. This makes maps like Karathiki Jungle unplayable solo. I would love to be able to progress on these maps but the single issue is build time. Why are we only given unlimited build time in survival? If survival is the end game, why is it easier then the campaign mode?
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