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  1. That sucks man.. What was it? 3 Mega Chickens 3 Capt. Isoms 1 armguard of earth 1 armguard of fire 1 armguard of poison 1 armguard of lightning 1 armguard of love About 40+ cubes And some great armors and great weapons? If i lost something like these i would be pissed as well and probably quit the game. I hope the people from Trendy can restore your items bro. Goodluck!
  2. almost same everything but it does not pierce walls so no but i still love it :3 Yea same stats but does not shoot through walls.. So for me its still laser robot.
  3. Sorry, my PSN is flipside007. It should be there.
  4. Portal defense on insane with no weapons, just pet.
  5. Hit me up on PSN. I do it in 7 mins with 2.5 mil exp
  6. Shoutout to my host Driftersgonewild. Nice, cool and laid back guy. Keep up the good work man. We had a blast.
  7. I just opened a public tavern, and forgot to lock my tavern back!! Two people came in, not gonna name any names, and made off with my gunslinger, krayt, soda, and about 15 or so giraffes out of my tavern, Why can't people just be honest....dumb mistake by me, but way dishonest by the others! Thank you to the people who decided to be theives!! You are a great asset to the community! Whatever it is that you need to get it going again, I would gladly help.
  8. Flipside007 33 Got this game couple of months back and I love it. I play it everyday. It's in my nature to help out people ingame and in real life being a male nurse. My team and I love the community. We always contribute what we can to help others become a better player/defender. My event experience started with "Protect and Serve" and I enjoyed it very much. I would say this is my favorite event since it's my first one. My host made it very enjoyable for me that I would like to become one myself. As far as reward is concern, I like them all because I had fun obtaining them. The Cap
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