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  1. Is there specifc map drop for ev wep? Or is it random weps on every map?
  2. It took me a very long time to find. EV has a ***load of passives and the frosty ones seem to roll pretty rarely. Most common on legendary items. Only on relic and weapon.
  3. Can you tell me where you find these? i've done over 100 maps in last week and i got all the passives for all heroes, but i've never seen these frost nodes.
  4. Bring back the Ninja Dark Elf, it will give you nightmares when you get assassinated outta no where by a speedster.
  5. you guys are playing too much, lot of time on your hand and this isn't out of pre-alpha yet.
  6. What i find funny is people trying to get MAX gear ASAP on EVERY heroes. Wipe will happen, don't they get it? What i recomment is getting all heroes to 50 because that's gonna be some reward after wipe, not gear IMO. I played, got decent gear on every builder including my DPSer, tested, had fun, it is over. I enjoy reading patches, seeing improvements and week by week this game gets better. If you play too much, you got a lof of free time on your hands. I don't, even if i had i wouldn't play like this game is already finished. As i said, i'm sure they will bring nostalgia back from DD1, ol
  7. Keep grinding Liferoot insane until you have geared up all, then with a proper setup you can beat 1st map on NM1, i got 150 iPWR and i can do it (DPSing helps). play with resists and its ok, the lane that is most efficient and needs no help is the Trapper lane, so just focus on the others.
  8. I feel ya bro, i.m only sticking around (not playing actually, reach 50 and thats it for me till release) because i know it will become a great game. THey will make us feel nostalgic again with the old heroes and some maps from DD1. I still belive in this, i have to, it«s the only thing that makes me log in on website daily.
  9. Yo, if you didn't play DD1 shame on you. You got keep griding liferoot free play hard to gear up and after that you can try incursion, if you can't do that just keep grinding to lvl up and equip some spheres. Join some incursion from time to time to try and get some gear. I was just like you early this week, i leveled my monk to 50 so you can unlock endgame contentent. After you unlock, grind liferoot end game hard and then move to Nightmare 1 like i did, 1st map i find already some gears. So, Liferoot hard free play >(Incursion hard if you can with somebody, not necessary) > level 5
  10. 2,5k hours on DD1, played it more than any other game ever. I love tower defence and RPGs so DD1 brought in my two favourite things together. It's been a year since i played DD1, gave up after selling my stuff. Playing DD2 made me miss DD1, that shows something YET, i understand this is alpha so i expect a lot more fun in the near future. I'm pretty sure when this game is finished, DLCS comming out with new maps and heroes like DD1, i'll have more than 2,5k hours for sure. Just be patient, you guys are playing 24/7 and not enjoying other stuff that actually matters, take a break.
  11. that's what you get for having no life. Quit playing 24/7.
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